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Marrow leaves for Kentucky: What it means

Nebraska tight ends coach and graduate assistant Vince Marrow told the Louisville Courier-Journal Wednesday that he has taken a job as a full-time assistant at the University of Kentucky.

Marrow will join new head coach Mark Stoops at Kentucky. Stoops, like Marrow and Bo Pelini, graduated from Cardinal Mooney High School in Youngstown, Ohio.

“We grew up together,” Marrow told the Courier-Journal. “My childhood friend and high school buddy got a job, and I’m here to help him turn this thing around.”

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Kentucky could offer the one thing Nebraska couldn’t — a full-time position. Marrow took a GA spot at Nebraska because it was the only thing available but with no spots open on the Huskers’ staff, there was little choice here for Marrow.

But what’s it mean for Nebraska?

It’s hard to say for certain. Marrow is making a name for himself as a recruiter which, by default, makes many of his biggest contributions hypothetical, down-the-road scenarios. He did land three of the Huskers’ most highly touted 2013 recruits — DB Marcus McWilson, WR Kevin Gladney, and LB Courtney Love — as well as two others. All five of the verbal commitments Marrow landed were from Ohio.

Will any of those players flip now that Marrow’s gone? He answered that question for the Courier-Journal:

“Time will tell,” he said. “(Recruiting Ohio) will be very, very critical. I’m very well tied to the state of Ohio. I’ve lived in three-quarters of the state, so I’m very, very connected in Ohio. We will get some guys.”

Marrow’s departure almost certainly does mean that Nebraska is now a long shot to land four-star JUCO tight end Beau Sandland.

Sandland told Husker Online ($) earlier today that Marrow’s departure would affect his decision and listed position coach as one of the most important factors in making the choice between Miami, Arizona State and Nebraska.

Overall, Marrow was a bit of a luxury for Nebraska. He was always better than a simple graduate assistant. He certainly behaved that way. When Barney Cotton was unable to go out on the recruiting trail due to an injury, it was Marrow who got the special waiver to take his place. And he delivered.

But, as a I wrote earlier today, Bo is nothing if not loyal. The idea that he was going to let go of a current staffer to make room for Marrow was always a long shot. That will probably add fuel to the anti-Bo fire burning in certain circles but, personally, I view it this way.

One, right now it’s hard to get too worked up over all the great recruits Marrow could have delivered. Some will, but only time can truly provide an answer to that.

Two, you have to think this staff remains confident in its ability to recruit Ohio. If, one or two years down the road, Marrow starts raiding Ohio for recruits Nebraska wanted, then maybe Pelini should have found room for him.

The fact that Marrow is on his way to Lexington tells me that Pelini is comfortable with that choice.