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NCAA FOOTBALL: MAR 06 Nebraska Spring Practice

Martinez, SJB Run Well at Huskers Pro Day

A total of 28 NFL scouts from 23 different teams met with Nebraska seniors and a handful of former Huskers Thursday at the Hawks Championship Center for Nebraska’s annual Pro Day. The Husker seniors included Jason Ankrah, Quincy Enunwa, Ciante Evans, Andrew Green, Stanley Jean-Baptiste, Spencer Long, Taylor Martinez, Cole Pensick, Brent Qvale, Thad Randle, Andrew Rodriguez and Mo Seisay. Former Huskers that participated were Ben Cotton, Kyler Reed and Baker Steinkuhler.

No doubt the most intrigue from the Huskers pro day surrounded Taylor Martinez, who ran a 40-yard dash and participated in the broad jump, vertical leap and bench press, as well as quarterback drills. Martinez also participated in defensive back and wide recover drills.

Martinez said scouts clocked him at a blazing 4.28 seconds in the 40-yard dash with a 3.83 second shuttle time, with a 39-inch vertical lead and a 10’9” broad jump.

“I though it went pretty good overall,” Martinez said after. “I thought I could have run faster.”

Martinez said he didn’t prepare for receiver and defensive back drills, but was happy with how he performed, despite not playing receiver since his first year at Nebraska and safety since high school.”

“I didn’t realize it was coming, but I went out there, and I’ve done it when I was little,” he added.

Martinez said he feels like his speed and movement are back to 100 percent after injuring his foot during football season.

Stanley Jean-Baptiste ran a 40-yard dash and participated in backpedaling and pass-catching drills with the defensive backs, but didn’t bench press. Baptiste benched 13 reps at the NFL combine, weighing in a 6-foot-3, 218 pounds. Should he get drafted, he would rank in the top-3 heaviest cornerbacks in the NFL that are 6-foot-2 or taller.

After clocking a 4.62 40 time at the combine, Baptiste said scouts timed him in the 4.4-second range at Nebraska’s pro day.

“I was too tense at the combine,” he said. “(I’m) just focused in; I feel at home here.”

Guard Spencer Long said he wasn’t as prepared as he would have liked, after having an appendectomy just weeks before the pro day. Long said he’ll hold his own pro day and expects scouts to show up in April, before the NFL Draft. Long sat down and talked at length with a scouts from the Carolina Panthers and also talked with scouts from the Green Bay Packers and Houston Texans.


–One of the “winners” today appeared to be Mo Seisay, who is far from short on athleticism. Seisay definitely passes the eye test when it comes to physique, and appeared to run one of the fastest 40-yard dashes of the whole group. In the backpedaling and pass catching drills, Seisay looked like the smoothest with the most fluidity among the DBs. A former coach told me on a number of occasion that Seisay may have lost out on playing time at Nebraska because he’s a better fit for a bump-and-run coverage defense. We’ll see if he gets a shot at free agency.

–As far as physique goes, Stanley Jean-Baptiste looks ever more solid than expected. He’s thicker than he appears in pads, not looking very skinny for how rangy he is. Baptiste told me technique is his top focus at the moment, and that’s where scouts told him he should improve.

–Baker Steinkuhler is taking a shot at playing offensive tackle and looks very different physically. The former Nebraska defensive tackle almost looks barrel-chested with his center of gravity moving higher, but Steinkuhler only put up 17 bench reps.

–Taylor Martinez definitely had velocity on his throws and his form looked better, but he still has a small height issues with a handful going low, then the last two going high. It appeared to me that he got focused on velocity and simply put a couple in the dirt. All in all, he looked better than expected. As for the DB and receiver drills, he looked a little stiff, which is to be expected for a quarterback who hadn’t practiced the drills. Martinez pointed out that the learning curve at receiver wouldn’t be bad since he played scout receiver as a true freshman and went up against Prince Amukamara, Alfonzo Dennard and Eric Hagg. He said he didn’t bring that part up to scouts though.

Scouts from the Indianapolis Colts and Philadelphia Eagles appeared to spend the most time with the defensive backs. Stanley Jean Baptiste said that he has received size comparisons from scouts to the likes of Richard Sherman, Brandon Browner and Ike Taylor.


Jason Ankrah: 20
Quincy Enunwa: DNP
Ciante Evans: 8
Andrew Green: 15
Stanley Jean-Baptiste: DNP
Spencer Long: 28
Taylor Martinez: 17
Cole Pensick: 29
Brent Qvale: 24
Thad Randle: 19
Andrew Rodriguez: 24
Mo Seisay: 13
Jeremiah Sirles: 21
Ben Cotton: 18
Kyler Reed: 25
Baker Steinkuhler: 17