Compton Wisc

On to Ohio State

Nebraska finished up its final full practice of the week on Thursday. Here’s a couple of quick hits from Bo Pelini:

–“I thought it was pretty good attention to detail today,” Pelini said. “I’m looking forward to going on the road, and looking forward to Columbus.” Ahh, yes, the road. It’s sometimes hard to parse what’s real and what’s misdirection when football coaches talk, but this is genuine. Pelini likes the challenge of an opponent’s turf and you get the sense the players do too.

–Senior wide receiver Tim Marlowe, a Youngstown, Ohio native, still isn’t healthy enough to play in this game but the Big Ten granted him a waiver that will allow him to travel with the team without counting against the roster limit.

“I wish he was playing in the game,” Pelini said. “We’re happy, obviously, that he get’s to go. He’s a real leader on this football team.”

–Freshman defensive end Avery Moss was sick on Thursday and missed practice, but will still travel to Ohio State. Meanwhile freshman wide receiver Jordan Westerkamp, who has yet to play this season, is suffering from an MCL strain similar to the injury that sidelined Rex Burkhead for two games earlier this year.

Senior safety Courtney Osborne will miss Saturday’s game with an undisclosed injury but Pelini said he should be back for the Northwestern game in two weeks.

–Pelini on the announcement of Shawn Eichorst as the new athletic director: “I’ve been concentrating on Ohio State, I don’t know anything about that.”