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They Said It: Minnesota

Bo Pelini on Nebraska’s offensive game plan that resulted in a season-low 328 yards:

I knew that this football team was going to load the box and make us throw the football. I thought we were going to be able to hurt this team a lot more than we did throwing the football. I’m looking forward to looking at this film but I don’t know if we took advantage of some of the things that were there for us offensively the way that we should have.

Taylor Martinez on Nebraska’s approach after the loss:

Just knowing that everything’s still out there in front of us, if we win out we could still play for the Big Ten championship, so just got to go out there and keep on winning and just don’t get down on ourselves.

Minnesota quarterback Philip Nelson on the Gophers’ approach this week:

Everyone was excited about the game plan. You know it’s a great game plan when everyone is excited about it. We knew going into this week that Nebraska is the type of a defense that you can’t let get comfortable so that is where all the trade, shifts and motions came into play and we were able to keep them on their heels.

Defensive coordinator John Papuchis on Nebraska’s preparation for this game on defense:

If you’d asked me that 24 hours ago, I felt pretty good about our preparation. Obviously after watching that I don’t feel good about anything that we did. Obviously we weren’t as prepared as we should have been.

Pelini on whether he considered rotating quarterbacks and Martinez’s play in his first start back:

Let’s not go there and act like Taylor Martinez lost this football game for us. Our problems today were far beyond who our quarterback was. Like I told the team, that was a team loss. You look at one guy after another, a guy here, a guy there. To play great you’ve got to have 11 guys executing your football. When we have a drop here, a missed block here, a missed assignment there, a missed tackle here, it was like one guy after another. When that happens, you’re going to have problems, especially on the road.

Minnesota running back David Cobb on the Gophers’ success running the ball:

From the first quarter on, throughout the game the offensive line had a great push and as a running back if there’s no penetration you can see you gaps, holes and cuts and it makes it easy so they did a great job of play action pass and it opened up the lines for me. Really it was more the O-line and just the whole play-calling scheme more so than me.