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They Said It: Purdue

Bo Pelini on the importance of Taylor Martinez’ return after Tommy Armstrong’s rough outing:

“Obviously I’d like to have Taylor back. When that happens, I don’t know. When he feels right, he’ll be back in there, and when he’s able to be Taylor and push off and perform that way he needs to perform. Until then I feel confident we can win with Tommy and Ronny.”

Pelini on the importance of a pass rush from the front four:

“The blitz package has to be a compliment. If you’re reliant on it, you’re gonna have some problems. You have to be able to do both, and I think that’s where we’re headed. Our overall level of execution defensively, our knowledge, our communication, the little things in the details are getting better. But trust me when I tell you we’re not at the level we need to be at.”

Receivers coach Rich Fisher on how Purdue defended the pass:

“They had two weeks to prepare for us, and they gambled, they knew they had one shot – they couldn’t just line up just in base (defense) and do what they’ve done in the past. Like I said, when they gambled and they were right, it wasn’t very good for us, but when they gambled and we caught them, we got big runs, big explosion plays in the passing game.”

David Santos on the effectiveness of communication on defense against Purdue:

“I see it as my job, the thing that I have to do. It’s the most important role, honestly, just getting everybody lined up and on the same page. When you make the call – even if it’s the wrong call – if everybody’s on the same page, we can still run the defense.”

Defensive line coach Rick Kaczenski on pressure from the four-man defensive fronts:

“It just goes back to guys doing their job and keeping leverage. That’s what we always talk about – don’t gamble with house money. I’m not a big inside move guy, because you rarely see it. Unless the guy absolutely stinks, you’re not gonna beat him inside. We’re not gonna play any bad tackles in the Big Ten.”

Sophomore running back Imani Cross on if he’s a tone-setter:

“We all have a specific goal when we touch the football, and that’s if it’s first down to get five yards, second down get four and then third down of course be in a good situation, so I think it’s just about taking it one play at a time and making sure you’re playing for the guys around you.”

Purdue senior defensive back Ricardo Allen on Nebraska’s third down gains:

“We played really well on first and second downs. It was third downs that we need to look inside and tell ourselves that we want to execute better than the person in front of us. It didn’t come off of their execution, it came off of us and not making our plays or executing ourselves. At the end of the day, we need to practice better and then execute better, because everything they did was on the film.”