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Hot Reads: Big Questions

BLACK OUT >>> Below is a screenshot from UCLA’s official athletic website, UCLABruins.com. It’s from the top of their Nebraska-UCLA game page:


Notice anything different about that Nebraska helmet? Is this just “playing with new toys” on the part of the UCLA athletic department or is something afoot? I doubt Nebraska would debut their “one-off” black helmet design this week. Adidas has created a whole show around the Wisconsin-Nebraska “Quick and the Red” game so to debut the new black helmet now would be a little anticlimactic.

Then again, UCLA is a fellow adidas school. All I know for sure is this: Nebraska was wearing white helmets in practice on Tuesday. But, as I mentioned back when the alternate uniforms were unveiled, Nebraska has a black helmet now. It’s there and can be used even if it’s supposed to be for “just one game.”

I don’t expect that to happen, but it’s an option.

NO, SERIOUSLY, WHAT ABOUT THE SIZE? >>> You can read UCLA coach Jim Mora’s post-practice comments on Nebraska here, but I really recommend watching the video below:

This is what happens when story angles go bad. The first question for Mora is about Nebraska’s size. He downplays it because, frankly, while Nebraska is bigger than Rice, it’s not what I would call a defining characteristic of the team. The second question is, “realistically” this team is much bigger than Rice, what are you going to do? When Mora doesn’t give the perfect soundbite, the question comes a third time. Mora finally offers this: “You don’t go in saying, ‘Oh, God, these guys are big.'”

I hope that’s the one that ends up in the paper.

SAD STUDENTS >>> We’ll dip back into old Big 12 territory for this one. Here’s an interesting take from Brendan Morris, sports editor of the Oklahoma State student paper The Daily O’Collegian (now my favorite name of a student paper ever). The argument is a bit convoluted, but Morris isn’t happy that Oklahoma State isn’t selling out its 60,000 seat stadium and, somehow, that’s the administration’s fault. Anyway, here’s the interesting part:

They mentioned Virginia Tech’s crowd was the 88th consecutive sellout crowd the team has had. That’s the third-longest streak in the nation behind Nebraska’s 319, and Notre Dame’s 225.

All I see in that paragraph are streaks that make Oklahoma State, who’s had a better product on the field than any of those three schools, look bad.

Your response, Boone Pickens?

TWITTER TROUBLE >>> In case you missed it, Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio is none too happy with his team for tweeting during Michigan’s 41-14 loss to Alabama. A sampling of the commentary you could have gotten if you were following along Saturday night from redshirt freshman safety Kyle Artinian: “DENARD IS SOOOO BAD!”

College football is just the best.