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NCAA FOOTBALLL: SEP 15 Arkansas State at Nebraska

Hot Reads: Headed Home

LIKE OLD TIMES >>> Two of the featured backs from the Bill Callahan era are returning to Lincoln next spring. At a press conference Tuesday the Lincoln Haymakers — the city’s new indoor football team — announced that former Huskers Cory Ross and Marlon Lucky have been signed to contracts. Both spent time in the NFL as well as kicking around football’s minor leagues for the past few seasons, but in 2013 they’ll strap on the pads in Lincoln. Could be interesting.

“Getting hit by a wall, that’s something new to me,” Lucky was quoted as saying in the Lincoln Journal-Star.

Always look on the bright side.

WHAT’S IN A NAME >>> ESPN has a report featuring some of the internal NCAA documents that were exchanged in the lawsuit over whether or not using a player’s likeness in video games, like EA Sports’ popular NCAA football franchise, entitles players to compensation.

Nebraska chancellor Harvey Perlman is in there and, unlike his publicly unpopular comments on the BCS the past few years, he comes off pretty well here.

This whole area of name and likeness and the NCAA is a disaster leading to catastrophe as far as I can tell. I’m still trying to figure out by what authority the NCAA licenses these rights to the game makers and others. I looked at what our student athletes sign by way of waiver and it doesn’t come close.

Perlman knows what he’s talking about. The former law professor specialized in intellectual property. The suit is scheduled to go to trial in 2014.

DON’T GO TO ANY TROUBLE >>> The default setting for coaches, and players to an extent, when you talk turnovers is to say something about being aggressive, putting a helmet on the football, etc., etc. Not at Idaho State, apparently, where the Bengals played seven quarters this season before recording its first takeaway.

“I know for me personally the second I try to force a turnover is the second I’m going to give up a touchdown,” cornerback Donovan Henley said. “That’s when I’ll make a bonehead play. A slant comes and I’ll jump the slant and it ends up being a slant and go. So for me I just have to stay patient and I know when my time comes, it’ll come.”

Sort of a laissez faire approach from the guy who lead the Big Sky in interceptions last year.

CIRCLE THE WAGONS >>> In case you missed it, Colorado is 0-3 right now. Not just any 0-3, but 0-3 with losses a) to in-state rival Colorado State, b) to an FCS team, Sacramento State, at home, and c) by giving up 35 first quarter points and more than 500 yards before halftime to Fresno State. I don’t think I can remember a worse start for a BCS conference team, actually, than that. Luckily, things can only get better right Buffs fans?

Actually, no, according to former CU coach Bill McCartney, who spoke at the team’s press luncheon Tuesday:

This isn’t going to get easier, it’s going to get harder this year. I say to all the Colorado Buffaloes out there: Circle the wagons. Let’s close ranks. Let’s stand with these guys. Let’s believe in them. Let’s believe in the president. Let’s believe in the athletic director. Let’s believe in the head football coach, as well as all the other coaches. Let’s stand with them.

Maybe that will help some for embattled coach Jon Embree, who had to shut down his Twitter account on Sunday following the loss. Look down the Buffs schedule, however, and it’s tough to find a win this season. The Pac-12 plays nine conference games, so that’s all Colorado has left.