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No surprise here: Nebraska fans are snapping up Fresno State tickets. What is a surprise, however, is that the Fresno State athletic department actually took some measures to facilitate that rather than the old but always entertaining carpet bombing approach where an opposing team’s season tickets are purchased by Husker fans to get the one ticket they actually want.

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From Brian Christopherson of the Lincoln Journal Star:

Fresno State’s athletic department has opened up a limited number of single-game tickets on four separate occasions on its GoBulldogs.com website. Despite a single ticket selling for $130, just $10 lower than some season-ticket offers from the school, the first pre-sale on Feb. 3 sold out in 6½ hours.

In the other three pre-sale opportunities, available tickets didn’t last a day. Nebraska fans are fully involved in the proceedings.

The pre-sales were, in fact, done to give Husker supporters a chance to buy tickets for the game without eating up Fresno State season-ticket inventory, which some NU fans have been known to do in the past — buying another school’s season tickets just to go to one game.


While a road trip to Fresno may not the have the immediate appeal of future non-conference destinations like Miami, Oregon or Tennessee — just 13 short years away on that one — don’t underestimate the small stadium experience. One of my favorite venues for a Huskers road game recently was Wyoming’s War Memorial stadium. That’s a small one (29,000) with a gorgeous view of the grass-covered hills off in the distance. But the real appeal is in the novelty of seeing Nebraska, a team that almost never plays in a stadium that small, play in a stadium that small.

That sort of setting might also be something of a dying breed as the Big Ten moves towards playing nine conference games. With that format in place, getting smaller schools willing to play on the road without a return trip will become even more important for Power 5 schools. After this year’s trip to Fresno State the Huskers don’t have a non-conference road game scheduled in a similarly small setting until the 2025 trip to Cincinnati’s Nippert Stadium (currently being expanded to 40,000 seats).

So, if you’ve never had the chance to see one of these types of games, better jump on the Fresno State opportunity. Sounds like plenty Nebraska fans have already.

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This should answer any lingering questions you may have about the College Football Playoff.


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