Hot Reads: Nebraska vs. the 3-4

THIS WILL MAKE YOU SMARTER >>> Chris from Smart Football went deep on the Capital One Bowl, particularly Nebraska’s offense. It’s a FANTASTIC read (and I hate using all-caps for emphasis).

So many good things here. My favorite stretch is here:

The mandate for Beck, who was elevated by Pelini two years ago from his spot as Nebraska’s runningbacks coach in place of Shawn Watson, a more traditional west coast offense coach (now Louisville’s offensive coordinator), was to basically bring back the old Tom Osborne Nebraska offense, but updated for modern times. Osborne’s offense was a fantastic blend of every option play conceivable, from all manner of formations, plus a healthy dose of traditional run plays like iso, outside zone, and the great Counter Trey, which the Washington Redskins would take from Osborne and make the centerpiece of several Super Bowl teams. As Homer Smith said of Osborne’s offense:

“Tom Osborne understood what made option plays (and other run plays) work and what had stopped them. So, he ran them — he ran almost all of them — but only when they would work. He checked to them versus vulnerable defenses. His smash mouth runs, run action passes, and quarterback runs kept defenses from mirroring properly against his options. The result was staggering totals of rushing yards. No matter how successful the options, etc. had been in their individual heydays, they were never better than when Coach Osborne ‘played a medley of tunes.’ What would stop it? The only thing that could stop Bill Walsh’s passing attack, which was retirement of the man who made it work.”

The modern Nebraska attack is an attempt to play a similar medley, with the addition of modern technology and instruments such as spread offense plays like the zone read, pistol offense concepts, and the Oregon “sweep read” — Nebraska’s offense is like the Girl Talk of college football.

The Girl Talk of college football? Wish I’d thought of that. Go read it all now.

NEBRASKA’S NEWEST WR >>> Orlando Evans wide receiver Dominic Walker announced at the Offense-Defense All-American Bowl in Houston on Sunday that he will be signing with Nebraska. Walker (6-2, 195) initially committed to Vanderbilt but decommitted after visiting Lincoln in September.

“I made my decision three weeks ago and it’s just been silent since then,” Walker said of his Nebraka choice Sunday from Houston, where he is taking part in tonight’s game with Orlando Evans teammate Ro’Derrick Hoskins, a linebacker who is committed to Florida State.

“Everything is just great for me [at Nebraska]. The coaching staff, the great facilities, everything … 86,000 fans at every game no matter who they are playing. You can’t beat that kind of support. They treat their players like they are the only thing that really matters up there.

“Plus, it’s a great chance for me to come in and play right away and they have really made me feel like they want me to be a part of what they are doing.”

Walker also had a Florida State offer. His rankings from the various recruiting services (stars, position rank):

Rivals: 3-star, 89th | Scout: 3-star, 73rd | 247: 3-star, 141 | ESPN: 4-star, 34th

DAWGS LOOK FAMILIAR UP FRONT >>> After opening up it’s o-line competition following the SEC title game loss to Alabama, it looks like Georgia won’t have major changes up front for the Capital One Bowl.

“I think we’ll probably be like we were toward the end of the season,” Georgia line coach Will Friend said before Saturday’s practice at Celebration High School. “We had good practices in Athens and we had good practices here. They got to compete every day and I thought it was good to kind of open it up. But it’ll be pretty much like we ended the season.”

And a ticket numbers update from that same column, Georgia is reporting that it sold nearly 10,000 of the 12,500 tickets it was allotted. Not surprisingly, that more than doubles what Nebraska sold.