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Hot Reads: The Next 50 Years

Friends, Huskers, countrymen, lend us your memorabilia. The University of Nebraska Marketing Department has extended its deadline for Husker fans to send items for inclusion in one of 200 time capsules that will be buried in an East Stadium vault and unearthed 50 years from now, but you've got to be quick. You've only got until Friday. Anything that arrives by that deadline -- either by mail or hand delivered -- will be considered for inclusion in the time capsules. If you're ...

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The Soft Sell

“We get the kids that we want.” Bo Pelini said that on Wednesday during his press conference officially announcing the haul of recruits at Nebraska in 2013. Bo Pelini has used that line before on numerous occasions. It’s something of a mantra and certainly a convenient point of view. It’s not that much different than the approach of the most die-hard recruitniks, the people who live and die with each day in the build-up to National Signing Day. You’re either with us ...