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Friday Forecast: Farewell to the Regular Season

February 23, 2018

Nebraska has a massive home date with Penn State on Sunday to close out its regular season, but that's not the only high-profile game happening this weekend. Hail Varsity's Brandon Vogel, Greg Smith, Jacob Padilla and Derek Peterson take a few shots and trying to predict the action.

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MBB: Creighton vs. No. 3 Villanova

BV: Let’s roll the dice here. Creighton needs a big win after a rough recent run. Villanova, in Omaha, presents a big opportunity. PICK: Creighton 79 Villanova 78

GS: My gut says Nova wins big. PICK: Villanova 85, Creighton 68

JP: I’d like to pick the Jays here, but Villanova is a machine and Creighton’s margin for error in its current state post-Martin Krampelj injury is just too thin. PICK: Villanova 81, Creighton 74

DP: Creighton needs a major win in a major way. This feels like it could be that win. PICK: Creighton 81, Villanova 77

MBB: No. 6 Texas Tech vs. No. 8 Kansas

BV: Big opportunity for Texas Tech here. Maybe too big. Give me the program that plays in this type of game all the time. PICK: Kansas 68 Texas Tech 60

GS: I love Tech at home here in what should be a fantastic atmosphere. I think Tech gets it done in a tight one. PICK: Texas Tech 65, Kansas 62

JP: If I knew Keenan Evans was going to be full strength, I’d pick Texas Tech here. However, we don’t know that for a fact and the Red Raiders are a completely different team with Evans out or playing injured as we saw in Tech’s last two outings. I’m rooting for the Red Raiders, but picking the Jayhawks. PICK: Kansas 70, Texas Tech 64

DP: The Big 12 Championship before the Big 12 Championship. This might be one of the biggest games ever played at Lubbock…? Maybe? Tech is fantastic on the defensive end and I think that’s where the game is won. PICK: Texas Tech 66, Kansas 63

MBB: Maryland vs. No. 17 Michigan

BV: I’ll take the contrarian view here. Michigan, winners of four straight, gets caught going through the motions on the road. PICK: Maryland 70 Michigan 68

GS: Michigan is the better team, I’m going to try not to overthink this one. PICK: Michigan 77, Maryland 71

JP: What Greg said. PICK: Michigan 76, Maryland 68

DP: Michigan beating Penn State helped Nebraska in a number of ways. Michigan beating Maryland will also help the Huskers. PICK: Michigan 78, Maryland 64

MBB: Nebraska vs. Penn State

BV: There have been numerous points during Nebraska’s run to the tournament bubble where I didn’t just think the Huskers had a slip-up opportunity, I full-on expected it. This game is not one of those. Not at home. Not with that crowd. PICK: Nebraska 71 Penn State 65

GS: Everything about this game says Nebraska should win. They are at home, Penn State has a key player out and it’s a must-win for the Huskers. I think the pressure will be too much. PICK: Penn State 67, Nebraska 61

JP: I doubt you’ll see many people sitting down in Lincoln on Sunday. With Penn State stud center Mike Watkins out, I expect Isaiah Roby to have another big game. Isaac Copeland is going to have to be on his game because Josh Reaves is going to make things difficult for James Palmer Jr. PICK: Nebraska 73, Penn State 69

DP: Mike Watkins is out for the Nittany Lions and that’s big. On any given night, the Huskers have a huge home court advantage. That’ll be dialed up to 11 on Sunday. I expect both play serious roles in the game’s outcome. PICK: Nebraska 71, Penn State 65

NBA: Golden State vs. Oklahoma City

BV: Because I want Derek to be happy (and it’s been years since I’ve had any NBA insight of value), I’m predicting a Thunderstorm. PICK: Oklahoma City 108, Golden State 105

GS: Did you see Steph Curry the other night? He’s going to go nuts again, Russ will play very well but KD will be the difference. PICK: Golden State 111, Oklahoma City 100

JP: Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry are both better at basketball than Russell Westbrook. PICK: Golden State 110, Oklahoma City 102

DP: I had written something else to go here, then I saw Jacob's reasoning for his prediction. Now I want nothing more than for Russ, the greatest human being ever, to drop 50. PICK: Oklahoma City 105, Golden State 96

Our picks today are for entertainment purposes only. Between 6 and 8 million Americans meet the criteria for gambling addiction, and many more are affected by another individual’s gambling problem. Don’t gamble more than you can afford and if it stops being fun seek help.

Problem gambling is not a bad habit or a moral weakness. It’s a serious condition. But with help, problem gamblers can put the game in perspective and make decisions to improve their lives.

If you or someone you love has a gambling problem, in Lincoln call Choices treatment center 24/7 at 402-476-2300 or statewide call The Nebraska Council on Problem Gambling 24/7 at 1-800-522-4700. Help is free so call today.

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