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Hot Reads: Stick to the Script
Photo Credit: Nebraska Athletics

Hot Reads: Stick to the Script

April 16, 2019

Nebraska basketball has its new Nebrasketball court for the new era of Husker hoops. To be fair, I don't think the new court had anything to do with also having a coaching change, it was probably just time for some new hardwood, but it makes for synergistic timing nonetheless. Let's just start fresh across the board.

Two weeks ago, Nebraska put four potential court designs up for a fan vote. All four featured what I'd call a more classic aesthetic. Gone is the two-tone wood, in is a colored key, just like the courts of just about every NBA game I watched in the late-1980s. Zig when others zag towards all-over sublimated designs. I always enjoy contrarian strategies. 

There were two key questions for Husker fans to answer here: 1) iron-N or script-Huskers at midcourt, and 2) state outline or no state outline. Unsurprisingly, script-plus-state won.

Now, script-Huskers is not my favorite retro logo––in fact, the opposite––but I've accepted I'm in the minority on that. This is my favorite retro logo (entry No. 4) and despite some strong write-in support it was never one of the options.

That being the case, pairing an 80s/90s logo with a court that reminds me somewhat of the heyday of my NBA watching years works fairly well. (For the record, best NBA courts from the years I was watching everything on various SportsChannel regional outlets via a giant satellite dish: Portland, Clippers, San Antonio, Orlando.)

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