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Photo Credit: Aaron Babcock

Husker Hoops Bring Throwbacks Back

February 09, 2017

It looks like Nebraska will be throwing it back to the early 1990s tonight when Wisconsin comes to town.

Set anything to Digable Planets’ 1993 hit “Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)” and I’ll generally be on board, but these uniforms are so good that they’d be cool even if “Informer” was used as the music bed here. (Side Note No. 1: The view counts on YouTube for those two songs are not indicative of respective quality. In fact, the disparity distresses me.) It’s a classic look that recalls one of Nebraska’s greatest eras and some of its greatest players.

Nebraska Athletics

Erick Strickland

The Huskers have been down this road before. Nebraska wore similar throwbacks last February for a home game against Rutgers. This new set, however, appears to differ in that it does not feature the more period-accurate “dazzle” fabric that we all remember. The shorts really carry the show here, featuring Nebraska’s old script-Huskers-plus-basketball logo.

But wait, you’re probably saying: Didn’t the original logo feature something closer to the football-N? And doesn’t this throwback appear to use the iron-N?

Good question, and, yes, that appears to be the case. The video above (and the photo from last year’s throwback) show the more contemporary iron-N, which I guess makes this uniform more of a remix. (Also, the black outline on the jersey appears to be different than the original, which featured silver or gray accents.) That’s OK. Remixes are cool too.

Side Note No. 2: While searching for shots of the original shorts, I noticed something interesting (perhaps only to me). Nebraska’s white shorts featured a white N on the basketball. The red version made the N red, but, in order to make it stand out against the orange basketball, put that N on a white field, which now that I’ve noticed looks strange.

Anyway, another solid throwback (or maybe remix) for Nebrasketball. The next frontier? Getting the rare basketball version of Herbie Husker on the shorts a la this.

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