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They Said It: Nebrasketball-Creighton

December 08, 2016

Notable quotes from Nebrasketball’s 77-62 loss to Creighton.

Head coach Tim Miles on Creighton:

“You know, I’ve got to give Creighton a lot of credit. They did an excellent job, especially at the start of the game and the second half about five minutes in when they make their run. They’re an extremely talented team, they’re well-coached and I think they beat us tonight. It makes me obviously disappointed and sick to my stomach that we couldn’t foster a better fight. I thought we were in good shape until Tai [Webster] picked up his fourth [foul] and we went on a long, long drought that we can’t allow to happen.”

On what he learned about his team after the loss to Creighton:

“I’m just disappointed in everything, myself and those guys, that we didn’t make this a hay-maker type of event, that it wasn’t back-and-forth and the best team wins. We got out of it and we’re down 41-37 and we just don’t do anything. It’s so disappointing.”

On getting over the hump:

“It’s events like this that’ll do it. If this doesn’t hurt you, nothing does. If you’re there tonight and in another 20 minutes you’re playing video games till 1 a.m., you really don’t care. You’ve got to feel. You’ve got to hate losing and we’ve got to teach them how to win too. It’s just watching tape, meeting with guys and all that fun stuff, continuing to cultivate a relationship of trust and understanding what good basketball looks like and how we have to do it against top level competition.”

Creighton head coach Greg McDermott on Nebraska:

“I’ve said leading up to this game that I think that freshman class has made incredible strides. [Michael] Jacobson, [Ed] Morrow, [Glynn] Watson have really, really improved. [Jack] McVeigh has had some games where he’s really shot the basketball well. Then [Tai] Webster, I don’t know if in my 28 years of coaching if I’ve ever seen a guy that improved from his sophomore to his junior year, he improved his scoring average by seven points and then he did it again from his junior year to his senior year. That’s almost unheard of, so obviously he’s spent an incredible amount of time in the gym working on his game. I think with his leadership, they’re going to have a chance to be in games and then it’s just a matter of young guys figuring out how to win close games because they’ve had a couple that have gotten away with a great UCLA team and a Clemson and a Virginia Tech team that I think are both NCAA tournament teams, where they’ve had opportunities to win. Tim will keep them going in the right direction and they’ll be competitive until the end.”

Tai Webster on not defeating Creighton during his collegiate career:

“Creighton is a great team and I enjoy playing against them. It doesn’t really feel like a rival to me. It feels like a really good opportunity to play a great team that just happened to beat us four times now in a row. That’s fine, I enjoy playing them and if I had it my way we’d get them another time.”

On Kansas and other upcoming tough competitors:

“We can’t afford to have those lulls when someone like myself gets in foul trouble or something happens and something’s not going our way. We’ve got to try to weather those storms and Kansas is a probably a tougher team in transition because they’ve got draft picks throughout their whole team and what not. I don’t know, just staying together is our main thing. We’ve got a rough stretch at the moment. We’ve got some tough games coming up but it’s nothing but good opportunities for us to show that we can compete against some of the best teams.”

Glynn Watson Jr. on Webster helping him become a leader:

“I just try to feed off of it. I’ve got to bring leadership to the point guard and shooting guard. I try to feed off it and bring energy and feed off his leadership and energy also in games like these. Well, any game. Period.”

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