They Said It: Nebrasketball-Illinois
Photo Credit: Aaron Babcock

They Said It: Nebrasketball-Illinois

February 27, 2017

Notable quotes from Nebraska’s 73-57 loss to Illinois.

Tim Miles on what went wrong:

“There’s a lot of things that went into it tonight I felt but there is a reason this happens. This isn’t by … You only get so lucky so many times. I thought tonight, for instance, our carelessness with the ball led into some easy 3s. I thought we lost our discipline defensively several times. To me, several is six or seven that led to open shots and they hit three or four 3s there. We doubled the post some and gave up one there so that’s schematic for sure. I was very conservative tonight I thought in the way … We had one day of practice so I felt like we should take some of our bigger wings off a guy like (Jalen) Coleman-Lands or (Tracy) Abrams but Abrams came in shooting 18 percent from three, 17.8, and he goes 4-for-5. After he made two, it doesn’t matter if he’s shooting one percent. You’ve got to get to him. But I was really slow to maybe take my point guard off (Te’Jon) Lucas, bring a bigger wing on to Lucas who is more of a non-threat from three and you just have to stay in front of him. That hurt us too, because then I put our guys in some bad situations. I think collectively we all kind of screwed it up.”

On the team’s carelessness and lack of discipline:

“I thought we were careless so we lacked discipline, right? I mean, I think that would be an easy statement to make on offense that we lacked discipline. When seven different guys have multiple turnovers, if that’s how careless you are then you’re certainly not creating for others – making the extra pass, driving to create. It’s like everyone catches it, bounces it once and wants to do their own thing. Maybe that’s for all the right reasons. Maybe you’re trying to make a play or you’re going to make something happen but it still has a negative consequence and that’s where poise and discipline come in. I thought our carelessness killed us too, especially on offense. There was little to no rhythm to what we doing. And then they get eight steals the second half. You can’t give a team that’s been playing very well defensively those kind of opportunities.”

Michael Jacobson on taking a hard look at the team:

“How many times can you say a team just had a good night against you? You’ve got to start looking at yourselves, I guess. Look in the mirror a little bit.”

On why the team is suffering these types of losses:

“I don’t know if we’re in a funk right now or what’s going on but obviously ‘disappointing’ is not even the right word. You get beat like we just did on the road and have a big game, and come out and do that is, like I said … disappointing is not the right word.”

On where Nebraska goes from here:

“To be honest, I don’t know. I don’t know what else you can say. I feel like we’ve done yelling at each other, screaming at each other, and we’ve done the back off and be nice to each other and try to be positive. So it’s kind of hard to figure out where to go next. I know we’re really running out of time here. This game was huge, and our next two (opponents) are really hot. I think we’ve got to look at ourselves, look in the mirror, each guy, and figure out what’s going on and what they want from the rest of the season, the little bit that’s left and try to make a run.”

Jeriah Horne on Nebraska trying too hard to stay in games:

“Coach and I were talking about it and I think sometimes we get so
caught up in trying to hang in the game, that rather than being the one
to attack first and come at them rather than sustaining punches rather
than just with retaliation. I think that’s just one thing
we’ve got to get better at, and it’s a process. We’ll get there.”

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