They Said It: Nebrasketball-Louisiana Tech
Photo Credit: Eric Francis

They Said It: Nebrasketball-Louisiana Tech

November 20, 2016

Notable quotes from Nebrasketball’s 65-54 victory over Louisiana Tech.

Head coach Tim Miles on how he thought the team fared against Louisiana Tech:

“I really liked our defensive intensity after the first X-amount of minutes. Coach Molinari had a great game plan. I thought he did an excellent job of knowing what these guys could do. This is a tough group, Louisiana Tech. They’re picked very high in their conference, chance to win it for a reason. Great athleticism. They know how to win. You don’t put up that many wins over how many years without knowing what you’re doing. And Eric [Konkol] is an excellent young coach so I was proud of our guys being able to grind out and do a good job defensively.”

On his team showing moxie:

“I thought the last four minutes we were a very, very tough team. I thought there was a stretch in there where they were out-toughing us but I thought we finished it the way they were doing it earlier and that was really important because we’re not going to win otherwise.”

Tai Webster on playing aggressive against an aggressive team:

“They’re a real aggressive defensive team and they force a lot of turnovers obviously. I’m living proof of it but just trying to match the aggression and not let me be on the back foot. I let them force me to always be on the back foot and just always attack them, bring the game to them.”

Ed Morrow Jr. on creating a presence:

“I thought I created a presence but I could have been better in a lot of areas. I thought I forced a lot of plays and stuff like that, but, you know, we got the win tonight.”

On the team’s first big test:

“I thought we had a pretty good game but there was a lot of things we could get better at. Coming into the next few games next week, we’ll be able to really determine what kind of team that we have. Everything is a challenge and everything just determines what kind of team we have.”

On getting a dunk after a failed first attempt:

“I was sort of relieved, you know. I got caught under the basket, the backboard sort of blocked the shot. Just coming down and getting an actual [one] was a momentum builder.”

Jack McVeigh on his three-point shots:

“Honestly, the shots just came to me. They extended the pressure and with pressure, come rotations. With rotations, there’s an open man. My teammates found me. I think all four of the six were assisted on, so they’re easy looks when I’m getting good passes from my teammates and they have to rotate.”

On either taking Webster to dinner or making dinner after the win:

“I guess I have to. He’s the older one. I’ll probably cook something. I’m a pretty, out of the two, good. I’ve been working on it.”

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