They Said It: Nebrasketball-South Dakota
Photo Credit: Eric Francis

They Said It: Nebrasketball-South Dakota

December 03, 2016

Notable quotes from Nebrasketball’s 73-61 victory over South Dakota.

Tim Miles on doing a joint press conference with former Nebraska assistant/current South Dakota head coach Craig Smith:

“I figured if we didn’t do a joint press conference, I’d never get him out of here.”

On how he felt Nebraska played against South Dakota:

“I think South Dakota played the way I thought they would. I knew it’d be difficult to separate. Even at halftime when we were up by 14, it felt like it was a lot tighter than that. We knew it would come and I was really proud of our guys to perform down the stretch. Again, South Dakota competed really hard and out-competed us in the second half for that stretch of time and you know, when you get punched in the mouth, you can’t look at that and say, ‘Oh, gee. What’s going on? Do I have any teeth left?’ You just gotta swallow them, spit the blood out and keep battling.”

On the Huskers’ upcoming week:

“It’s a huge week for us. Creighton is better than I think I thought they were going to be and with Kansas, I wanted to play a Big 12 team and start that up again so that will be good.”

Craig Smith on the opportunity to play at Nebraska:

“First of all, I’ve got to thank the University of Nebraska and certainly Coach Miles for letting us play this game. It means so much to our program. We have four guys on our roster from Nebraska. He’s a man of his word. I know initially two years ago when we were looking at the position at the University of South Dakota, it’s one thing he brought up and I think he said we were going to play there but he doesn’t remember that part. Our administration remembers that, but seriously, it’s all win for us and not much to gain for Coach Miles and Nebraska. But once he says something, he sticks to his word and it means so much to our team and our program and tonight we got better.”

On the joint press conference and the questions received:

“I thought we were going to talk about something funny like Miles’ golf game.”

Tai Webster on playing Creighton next:

“I’ve been waiting for them for a long time now. Ever since we lost out there and got embarrassed by them.”

On taking it one game at a time:

“I know they try to take us one game at a time but my mind personally, I’m thinking about Creighton. I don’t want to go out four years [having] never beaten them.”

Ed Morrow Jr. on getting too comfortable against South Dakota:

“I felt like personally we got it going. I feel like we got a little comfortable coming back in after the second rotation. You know, those guys actually did a pretty good job. We came in a little comfortable and we sort of lost the lead within 10 minutes of the game and it sort of rolled over into the second half.”

Michael Jacobson on how he felt South Dakota did against Nebraska:

“Credit to [South Dakota] because they definitely switched defenses and pressed and did some things that kind of got us on our heels and out of our attack mindset, which I felt was pretty good at the start of the game but some things happened. They did a good job and I feel like and we’ve got to keep taking it one game at a time because it got to two points there. Not good.”

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