Hail Varsity FAQs

What do I get with my subscription?

A subscription to Hail Varsity includes the following over a year:

  • 10 issues of Hail Varsity Magazine
  • The Nebraska Football Yearbook
  • Access to premium articles on HailVarsity.com
How do I buy a gift subscription for someone?
When signing someone up for a gift subscription, go to our subscription page and click on the subscription type that you are interested in ordering for them. When filling out the subscription info, please fill out their mailing information. At the bottom, you will fill out your billing information. Simply push “Sign Up” and their subscription is ready to go!
Where can I find my subscription expiration date?

Start by logging into your account. From there, complete the following steps:

  • Go into “My Account
  • Click “subscriptions”
  • Your expiration date will be visible on this page
How can I change my mailing address?
Log in then go to your account. You’ll land on the account home screen where you’ll see your address info. Simply update it and save!
When does this next issue mail out?

Issue ship dates are as follows:

Vol, Iss. Description Cover Date Ship Date
10.1 January January, 2021 1/22/2021
10.2 February February, 2021 2/19/2021
10.3 March March, 2021 3/19/2021
10.4 April (Spring Football Game) April, 2021 4/23/2021
10.5 May May, 2021 5/21/2021
10.6 Football Yearbook June/July, 2021 6/18/2021
10.7 August August, 2021 8/18/2021
10.8 September September, 2021 9/22/2021
10.9 October October, 2021 10/20/2021
10.10 November November, 2021 11/17/2021
10.11 December December, 2021 12/15/2021


How long will it take the issue to get to me?
It can take up to two weeks for the mail to arrive to you. If you have not received it within two weeks of the shipment date, please reach out to us at info@hailvarsity.com.
Where can I buy a single issue of HV?
Head to our store to find individual issues of Hail Varsity for sale!
Where can I buy a photo that I saw in the last issue of HV magazine?
To find photos available for sale, visit our photo store.
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