Hail Varsity FAQs

What is included in the $79.99 cost for a Hail Varsity Subscription?

10 issues of Hail Varsity Magazine
The Nebraska Football Yearbook
Complete access to HailVarsity.com

Can I give Hail Varsity as a gift?

Yes! Please contact our Customer Care to purchase a gift subscription.

When does my subscription expire?

Our subscriptions are auto-renewing, so it won’t ever expire until you cancel it. No expiration date means never missing an issue again!

How often will I get billed for my subscription?

If you subscribe to our Annual Subscription, you will be billed once a year, from the date you join. If you subscribe to our Monthly Subscription, you will be billed once a month, from the date you join.

Can I update my information through the website?

Yes! You can adjust any of your personal information by logging into your account and selecting “Account” from the home page.

I'm an active subscriber, but I can only view 3 articles. How do I fix this?

If your subscription is active, its most likely that you are not logged into your account. If you are logged in, you will see a “Howdy,…” with your name at the top of the web page.

When will I get my next print issue?

Our print schedule is listed below. Please allow 2 weeks from the listed ship date to receive your copy. If you still don’t receive your copy after 2 weeks, contact our Customer Care at info@hailvarsity.com.

Vol, Iss. Description Cover Date Ship Date
11.7 August August, 2022 8/17/2022
11.8 September September, 2022 9/14/2022
11.9 October October, 2022 10/19/2022
11.10 November November, 2022 11/16/2022
11.11 December December, 2022 12/14/2022
I'm trying to update my card information, but the page keeps giving me an error.

If you are unable to update your info, please call our Customer Care line 855-348-7537 or email us at info@hailvarsity.com.

Can I purchase a previous issue of Hail Varsity?

Yes! Check out our web store by hovering over the “More” menu at the top of the page and selecting “Past Issues“.

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