2021 QB Santino Marucci Impressed by Nebraska Visit
Photo Credit: Greg Smith

2021 QB Santino Marucci Impressed by Nebraska Visit

June 22, 2019

Over the weekend, Nebraska hosted several official visitors and a lot of priority targets for the 2020 and 2021 recruiting class. Of all the visitors on campus, there is always going to be big interest whenever a quarterback is in Lincoln. One of the two on campus was 2021 signal-caller Santino Marucci‍ from Jupiter, Florida. I caught up with Marucci when he landed back in Florida to get his thoughts on Nebraska’s offense, his relationship with the coaches and plenty more. 

Here is the full Q&A from our interview.

What were your overall thoughts on the visit to Nebraska?

“I mean from campus to coaches to facilities, everything blew me away. It was the first time I’ve been in the state of Nebraska, let alone the university. I loved everything about it from head to toe. I got to meet a lot of new people and put names to faces. I talked to a lot of people that I’ve idolized. I’ve watched Coach Frost’s highlights. I saw how he played. I talked to Coach [Mario] Verduzco and he said I fit their scheme really well. Knowing they have that much love for me means a lot in the recruiting process.”

What did you get to do on campus?  

“So, we got to tour the campus as a whole then we got put into groups to tour the facilities. Then I got to do a one-on-one talk with Coach Verduzco. Then they had the BBQ where we got to sit with other recruits, play games and eat. Then we got to put on the jerseys and helmets and take pictures. Then at night for me and a few other guys got to go watch the Friday Night Lights camp they had going on. I got to talk to the players and see the talent there. We really go to take it all in.”

What was it like talking to the players? Did you talk to Adrian Martinez?

“Yeah, I did. When I was with the quarterbacks, I met him and talked to him for the first time. I talked to him more so about how he thought about the university when he came in and how it affected him to this day. He said there is no place [like] Nebraska, if you consider really buying in and going to this school it will be the best choice you ever made. I talked to Luke McCaffrey, who will be a freshman at Nebraska. He said that he’s going through the process right now and loves every bit of it. He wouldn’t want to be anyone else. Having that feedback from those guys means a lot.”

Who came with you on the trip? What did they think?

“It was just my father and I. He loved it. He played at Miami in the late 80s, early 90s and he’s always had a rivalry with Nebraska going back and forth. He’s been through everything as a recruit and said he loved everything about it. The facilities and stadium, for both of us that was biggest stadium we’ve ever seen. Some of the recruiting guys said that when it’s game day the stadium is the third biggest city in the state. It’s mind boggling.”

What do you think about Nebraska’s offense and your fit within it?

“Before my visit, I watched a lot of Nebraska highlights from last year. I followed Coach [Scott] Frost at UCF too. So, I know the guys they are looking for to run their offense. Oh, and I watched McKenzie Milton too. For them to think I can run their offense and run it efficiently means a lot. I think the way play would be a good fit and they feel the same as well. We both speak very highly of each other.”

How would you describe your relationship so far with Frost and Verduzco?

“I met Coach Verdu at the FAU Camp a couple weeks back and I just met Coach Frost yesterday or the day before but the relationship is getting stronger. Right when I first met them I knew they were guys that what you see is what you get. They are exactly how they are in the recruiting process as coaches. I know they aren’t putting on a fake thing to buy me in or sell me just to get there. That means a lot. The relationship is really good and I expect to keep it growing.”

What are some goals you have for yourself and your team this year?

“The first thing is to win the state championship. I know we came up short last year. We have a new team now and a lot of the guys including me are growing and developing. I don’t see any reason we shouldn’t make a run this year.”

What are some things you are most looking for in a school?

“I’m looking for the school that can give me the best opportunity athletically and more importantly after football. Which university is going to give me the most after the four years I’m there. Right now we are pretty early in the recruiting process. It started in March for me so it’s just been a couple months for me to see what I really want. I’m just going through it right now and taking everything into consideration, seeing how it goes over the next couple months.


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