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4-Star 2021 OLB TJ Bollers Talks Nebraska Visit, Sets Return Trip

September 30, 2019

Priority 2021 outside linebacker target TJ Bollers‍ and his family are making the rounds this season. They have already been to Vanderbilt, Iowa, Iowa State and Wisconsin so far during the 2019 season. The family was in Lincoln this week for the big game against Ohio State.

I caught up with the Iowan as he was heading to a work out after volunteering. I got his thoughts on the change in how he’s received when in Lincoln, being peer recruited, a return trip to Lincoln and more. 

Here is our full Q&A:

Overall thoughts being back at Nebraska?

“It’s always great being back at Nebraska. I felt really welcomed. Just walking through the streets and stuff, we parked kind of far away so we got to experience the tailgating. The people were so hyped to be there. They were excited and ready for the game. Walking up the stairs to our seats, people were calling out my name and giving me high fives saying it’d be great if I came here. It was great to be back.”

Was that a change from the last time you were here?

“I mean, no. It wasn’t like that last year as much. I had an offer by then so I went but people didn’t really know who I was. This time it was completely different.” 

What it’s like being peer recruited?

“It’s crazy. Really, I talked a lot with Blaise Gunnerson. He sat in front of me during the game. I’ve known him for a couple years now because we’ve gone on a bunch of the same trips. Being able to talk to him and the other guys it was really cool. Being able to see they are bought into a program that they want to help build. That they want me to come help them keep building the program is cool.”

What were your thoughts as the game unfolded?

“I mean, right away at the beginning of the game people were excited. They were all excited and ready to go. [Ohio State] scored on their first drive and people were thinking we are still OK. Then they scored again and again. People started to quiet down. It was so loud in the first quarter of the game and exciting. The excitement was there. Everything was as you expect it to be at Nebraska. As the game went on there wasn’t much to cheer for you could say. That atmosphere at the beginning, that’s what you get for a lot of games. A lot of games aren’t going to be like that where it’s a blowout from the start.”

Did you guys drive an RV down?

“No, we didn’t. The initial plan was to drive the RV because I was invited to a thing with a bunch guys that are already on officials. They checked and it would been a violation of NCAA rules if I went. So, we ended up not having to drive the RV. We stayed in that same lot though. We’ve done the RV for a couple visits. We took the RV to Vanderbilt. We also took it to Iowa State when they played Iowa. It’s been around.”

Who came with you and what did they think?

“My mom came. She’s been here before. My brother also came. He’s only nine so he’s just there to watch the game. When we were on the sidelines he saw Coach [Scott] Frost and keep yelling his name and freaking out about seeing Coach. He thought it was super cool to be out on the field. My mom, this was her first time for a game day visit. Right away in the beginning with how loud the crowd was she was so excited. Then she said the game wasn’t going in their favor or how they wanted it to go so she wants to come back. So, she’s going to come back to the Indiana game to see it again.”

Did you talk to the other kids from Iowa who were in town?

“We were all together a lot of time. Being able to go into the locker room before the game, we were in there and all talking to each other. We were all told to come to this one spot. I think there is a picture of us somewhere too. We were just looking and realized, ‘Wait, you’re from Iowa. Oh, you’re from Iowa too?’ So what they did was bring all the Iowa kids over to take a picture. I thought, ‘OK, that’s cool.’

“It’s really great being able to be together as a group as some of the top players in our state. Then being at the same place all trying to achieve the same goal of getting to college and playing at the next level.”

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