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Catching Up with Cameron Brown

August 10, 2017

Nebraska’s latest pledge for the 2018 recruiting class, 4-star wide receiver Cameron Brown, joined Hail Varsity Radio to speak with Chris Schmidt and myself on Wednesday afternoon. The conversation hit on a number of topics from how Nebraska handled Brown reopening his recruitment to which prospects in the 2018 class he’s hoping to lure to Lincoln.

CS: There was a buzz created around the country about your ability. A lot of schools wanted you, why did Nebraska get you?

CB: Nebraska got me because I love it there, and my parents love it there. I love the players, the coaches and the atmosphere is amazing.

CS: What stood out to you and what stuck out to your parents when you checked it (Nebraska) out?

CB: The coach. [Wide receivers coach Keith Williams] coaches up really good receivers, he coaches players in the NFL that come back and work with him. My parents just loved everything about the school.

GS: Mike Riley is known as a coach that can connect with a lot of people. What are your thoughts on Coach Riley?

CB: I love Mike Riley. He’s a great guy to get to know. He’s very friendly; when you get to know him he’s like family.

CS: What excites you about Nebraska’s offense and how do you see yourself fitting into it?

CB: I believe I can play any position that Coach [Williams] puts me at. The offense there is changing. It used to be a powerhouse running program but they are switching it up so they can compete at a higher level than they are now.

CS: What advantages are there to a pro-style passing game, not just for your position but also in the landscape of college football. If a team is efficient in throwing the football, how dangerous can they be?

CB: They can be very dangerous. If teams are scared of the run and the pass, they won’t know what to do.

GS: What have you been focused on this summer to improve your game and take it to the next level?

CB: I really have been working on my leadership role. I’m a captain on the team so I feel like its my duty to make sure everyone has things going the right way and competing all together.

CS: Is that difficult for you or are you a naturally vocal?

CB: It’s a little difficult for me cause I don’t like to talk that much when I’m on the football field, but I like to get the job done and make sure my team can win.

CS: Was it easy to talk to Nebraska about making sure that you were confident in where you wanted to go?

CB: Oh yeah, they were pretty understanding about it, but I just wanted to open things up to see a full view of everything. They didn’t do anything wrong or anything, it was me. I just wanted to see everything.

GS: Who are some of the guys in the class you are close with? Who are some guys still out there you are trying to peer recruit to Nebraska?

CB: I talk to almost all of them. We have a group chat where we talk often. I’m still trying to work on a couple players out of St Louis. I’m working on [4-star WR and teammate] Kam Babb just to throw one name out, but there are a couple others.

CS: How does your game translate to Big Ten football?

CB: I feel like my game can compete anywhere. It doesn’t matter where I’m at, I can compete at the highest levels.

CS: What is Nebraska’s brand like in St Louis and Missouri?

CB: I feel like Nebraska is up there high. They recruit pretty hard here and players like it because they see program is coming up.

CS: Tell me about your teammates and program at Christian Brothers. What’s the experience like?

CB: They experience is great. The school is amazing. I’ve got really close friends on the football team because we are all like a family.

GS: What’s your relationship like with [projected starting running back and CBC alum] Tre Bryant and did he help recruit you?

CB: Tre is my big brother. We talk every once in a while. We he comes here we link up and when I go up there I stay with him. He didn’t really try to recruit me and I appreciate that. It just worked out that I ended up going to Nebraska.

CS: Did you enjoy the [recruiting] process? How did you sift trough it?

CB: At the beginning I enjoyed it then it started getting stressful later on. The coaches text you every day to call them. It got stressful after a while but you have to try to sit back and relax. It was non-stop. I maybe went two days without a coach telling me to call them, but no longer than that.

CS: Whats the outlook for your team and how tough is Missouri football?

CB: Missouri football is pretty tough. People don’t think that though, and I think our football is underrated. They think it’s more of a basketball state but Missouri football can compete with anyone else. We can compete with other states like Florida, Texas and Cali.

CS: What made you a football guy over everything else?

CB: I played all the sports when I was younger, but my dad played football and I just love the game. I just chose it over all the sports because I felt it was best for me.

CS: How did your family help you with this decision?

CB: They didn’t help that much because they wanted me to make my own decision because they felt I was old enough to make my own decision. I forced them to help me out more because I didn’t want all that to be put on me like that. If they loved it, I loved it. I really focused on what my mom thought because she really dug deep into the different schools to see the good and the bad around the school.

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