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Hausmann Highlights December 2021 Issue of Hail Varsity

December 16, 2021

The December 2021 issue of Hail Varsity is on its way to newsstands and mailboxes this week. To preview the issue, here is the letter from the editor. Make sure you don’t miss an issue by subscribing today.

It’s the time of year when reflection comes most naturally. Endings, even if they’re calendar-only, are good for that.

This issue closes out Volume 10 of Hail Varsity, a publishing milestone that most may not even notice but one I find meaningful. We have gotten the opportunity to cover 10 football and volleyball seasons in these pages. Our 10th basketball and wrestling seasons are underway, and by the time spring rolls around we’ll have a decade under our belts for all of the spring sports as well.

I think I’m somewhat obsessed with marking time because I never want it to seem like anything is being taken for granted. Reminding myself of everything that’s already happened while simultaneously considering how much there is yet to do is about the best way I know to keep things in perspective.

That’s something of a theme in this issue.

Hail Varsity December 2021 coverGreg Smith brings you the story of Ernest Hausmann as he begins his Nebraska career next month as a signee in the 2022 class. A standout linebacker at Columbus (Neb.) High School, Hausmann was born in Uganda before being adopted. Forget the football, that journey on its own, from Africa to Nebraska, is the stuff of great stories. Add in the football, however, and Hausmann’s story becomes even more remarkable given one big challenge he had to overcome.

Also in this issue, Derek Peterson offers a thoughtful look back at a player at the end of his Nebraska career––quarterback Adrian Martinez. He’ll play his final season somewhere else after entering the transfer portal. Untangling how to feel about what the Huskers were and weren’t able to do over the past four seasons with Martinez at the helm isn’t easy, but wrestling with those feelings, again, feels like the most honest way to honor the uncertainty the present always possesses.

Nebraska football has to plenty to wrestle with after one of the stranger seasons I can recall. How do you approach being so close (nine one-score losses ) yet nowhere close enough (nine losses) in a bottom-line business? There’s no easy answer, only reflection and the best effort you can come up with based on it.

I like a lot of things about the holidays, but being frozen in time for a bit, simultaneously looking forward and back, might be my favorite thing. It isn’t easy to do without a deadline. In this case, it’s the simple changing of a digit from 2021 to 2022, but it’s the culturally accepted way, maybe the expected way, to do it.

If I’ve learned anything over a decade of being fortunate to call Hail Varsity my job it is not to be afraid of deadlines. They can offer a lot of clarity. When a deadline feels particularly pressing, you have to look back and ask yourself why. How much time was inefficiently spent?

These are most of my deadlines, to be honest. But the feeling of hope, that you’ve learned something for the future, is never far behind.

Forward and back. On and on it goes, but it’s easiest to notice right now.

Happy New Year.

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