Logan Smothers stands on the sidelines for spring game
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Huskers QB Commit Smothers Enjoys Trip, Excited For Program’s Future

October 02, 2019

Over the weekend, eight of Nebraska’s 11 commitments were in town for the game against Ohio State. Nebraska’s longest standing commitment for the 2020 cycle, 3-star (HV Rating: 88.0) quarterback Logan Smothers‍ took his official visit. The Muscle Shoals standout was taking in his first actual Husker game despite committing on July 26, 2018. 

I caught up with Smothers to get his thoughts on the trip, peer recruiting, the future of the program and more. 

Here is our full Q&A:

What were your overall thoughts on the visit?

“Oh man, I had a great time as always. Finally getting to see the atmosphere with the fans at game time. That was pretty huge for me. That’s one of the big things I was looking forward to because I’ve heard all about it. At the spring game, I got to see a little there but finally being in an actual game and it being Ohio State, that was pretty incredible. I was in awe when I walked out and saw the packed house. That was huge.”

What did you guys get do when you got to Lincoln?

“The big thing is we ate about 20 times. I feel like all we did was eat, eat, eat. We got there and went to the Cornhusker Hotel. We ate there and got to see the coaches to catch up. That was big. We drove around. It was a really busy day, we did a lot of stuff.” 

What was your favorite thing that you ate?

“We went to The Graduate and had some steak. That was really good. Probably the steak. We also had a skillet cookie with ice cream for dessert. That was really good too.”

How was it hanging out at Hawks before the game?

“That was pretty fun just getting to be there with all them. It’s a neat experience especially for the future to see what its like. It was a great time.”

What academic things did you see?

“Well, being my fourth time here, I’ve already had that talk with all them. My parents, too. So, it was more of a catching up and a talking about lining up the things I need to get done for early enrolling. Just talking about what I need to do to complete that. I’m still on track to early enroll.”

How do you think Jackson’s [Bratton] experience was?

“He had a blast. He was excited about it. He told me he wants to get back up there for another game. That’s a big deal for me and for him. I feel very good but you know, for him it’s a long way from home. I get that but I’m hoping he makes the right decision in the end. That’d be awesome.”

How did it go peer recruiting everyone else?

“That’s a big deal being a commit on an official and having other commits there to get to talk to them. We want those guys on our side. That’s the best time for us to do that with coaches around. I talked to Rodney Groce, he’s from Alabama, a linebacker. I got to talk to him a little bit, me and Jackson both because he’s from in-state. We feel pretty good about him and he’s choosing Friday. We really hope we get him then, that’d be huge. 

“I got to meet Jared Ivey from Georgia. He was on my plane ride from Atlanta to Lincoln. So I got to talk to him a lot then and in the car a lot. It was nice meeting him and the other guys. It’s fun to have influence on them to make the right choice.”

What was the vibe like with recruits as the game is unfolding?

“I mean it sucks and is not what we wanted. At the end of the day you have to be excited for the future. That’s the big thing, the future and what Coach Frost is going to get done there. I think he knows that it’s going to take some time to be on the level to play with Ohio State and those playoff teams. You have to be excited about getting there and getting to that point. I’m excited and fired up about it. It’s going to be fun to see.”

Did you get a one-on-one with Coach Frost and how was it?

“Oh, I always get to talk to him one-on-one. I love that and love Coach Frost with what he’s about and brings to the table as a coach. All those coaches have so much respect for him. Some of the coaches at UCF were from there, born and raised, but decided to go with him to Nebraska. That shows what he is about and what type of person and leader he is. His one-on-one, we had a good talk about the game and the future of what’s to come. It’s always good to talk with him.”

What would you say were the most memorable things about the trip?

“I’d say the atmosphere. The fans. Coming out pregame on the field and seeing every seat full and packed. You can’t beat that. The light show in the third quarter. They are down big and still everyone is still there. That shows you how committed these fans are to Nebraska and how they have the whole state behind them. As a player that’s all you want to know the people are behind you going crazy. That gets me fired up, I was ready to play.”  


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