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Jackson Hannah ‘Fell In Love With Nebraska All Over Again’ On Visit

September 10, 2018

Nebraska didn't just host a number of its top targets for the 2019 and 2020 class this weekend. The Huskers also hosted a number of their 2019 commits. Inside linebacker commit, 3-star (HV Rating: 87.9) Jackson Hannah‍ from Nashville, Tennessee, was in attendance for the Colorado game on an official visit.

Hannah caught up with Hail Varsity on his thoughts from his first game day at Memorial Stadium, which linebacker he watched closely during the game and why he can’t wait to get back inside the stadium as a player. 

What were your overall thoughts on the trip?

“I loved it. It was a good trip and official visit. It will be the only official I take this year. It was good. I loved the atmosphere. I fell in love with Nebraska all over again.”

What was it like hanging with other commits and recruits?

“It was great. I love those guys. Last time I was there, I got to meet Luke McCaffrey, Garrett Snodgrass, Garrett Nelson and all the guys that committed earlier than I did. So I got to see all of them again and this time around I got to meet some new faces. I got to catch up with Nick Henrich and his buddy Chris Hickman and it was good. They are all great guys. It’s going to be a good class. We bonded pretty well and I got to know them a lot better.”

How closely were you watching the defense and how the linebackers looked?

“I didn’t take my eyes off Dedrick Young the whole game. I was just watching every step he took, trying to learn from him. The next day, I got to sit down with Coach [Barrett] Ruud to see what they were doing in the game, teaching them in practice and how I can use it at my school right now. That way I can transition a little faster at Nebraska."

What were some of the things you were able to see that you’d like to use in your game to get a jump start?

“What Dedrick did, he read the ball really well. He read through the guard right to the running back. We haven’t learned that at my school. We are taught to read the guard first, follow his step and then rock from there. Dedrick was taking a side step, letting that guard or tackle climb up to him then making a quick step not to make full contact with him to get by the lineman to the ball carrier. It was good watching him play to see what I can do better to step up my game."

How has your season going so far?

“We’ve been playing pretty well. We had our first loss last Friday against a pretty stout team in Memphis, Tennessee. They have a couple 4-stars and one 5-star recruit. They are a pretty good team but we lost by one touchdown. We are 3-1 right now on the season. This week we have a team down the road from us. It’s a pretty historic rivalry. They haven’t beat us in about 14 years. We are looking pretty good the rest of the season. The team from Memphis, we’ll see them again in the playoffs and it should be a good matchup again."

After Matthew Anderson said he is the funniest guy in the group chat along with you and Garrett Nelson, who would get your vote?

“That’s a pretty tough one. Garrett Nelson’s pretty dang funny in my eyes. We also have a pretty funny kicker Grant Detlefsen who is a pretty new recruit. I think he’s a walk-on maybe but he’s in the chat and he makes me chuckle every once in a while. Matthew is up there too. I don’t want to toot my own horn but I’d like to say I’m pretty funny. Matthew kind of got it on the ball."

Matthew told me that he and Michael Lynn were cracking jokes the whole weekend.

“Man, those guys are some goons. They are funny.”

Have you and fellow inside linebacker commit Nick Henrich talked about what it will be like to play together?

“We really haven’t. I think Nick’s a great player of course. He’s the best linebacker in Nebraska. It’ll be a really good combo, me and him. He’s a really strong player and great guy. We are going to get along just fine up in Nebraska. It’s really just Coach Ruud and our development under him that will determine when we get to play with each other on that field.”

What was the most memorable thing about the weekend?

“It’s got to be stepping on the field. Getting to stand on the big ‘N’ in the middle of the field. I’ve never done that before, especially right before the game. Just seeing 90,000 people rocking that stadium was a memory I’ll never forget. I can’t wait to get up there and experience it for myself."

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