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Nebraska Recruiting: 4-Star Robinson Feels the Love Huskers Have for Frost

November 21, 2018

On Saturday, Nebraska hosted several class of 2019 official visitors and a lot of unofficial visitors for the 2020 and 2021 classes. They also had a chance to host 4-star (92.6) defensive end, Ty Robinson‍. The lineman from Arizona has been the Huskers’ top target at defensive end for the entire cycle.

He ended up arriving with his family in Lincoln about five minutes before kickoff so he caught the entire game. I caught up with Robinson to get his impressions of the visit and where his recruitment will go from here. 

Here is the full Q&A from Tuesday. 

What were your initial impressions when you walked in to see the game atmosphere?

“It was a sea of red. It really was like the spring game but 100 times better. The one thing that really caught my eye is that I don’t think a single fan around us sat down for more than two minutes which I thought was insane. The cold weather didn’t really bother me at all. I was bundled up in my coat with the face mask on. Other than that, it didn’t bother me at all. It was a great defensive game, probably the best game I’ve been to all year. I was glad to see all the chippiness they had to bring and how hyped the team was. They didn’t let it bother them.”

What was the scene like on the field after the game?

“I saw all the players getting hyped running back into the tunnel. The fans were going crazy dancing. You could truly tell the passion and how the state bleeds Nebraska red. Going in and listening to Coach Frost talk to the players and seniors after the game. He told them all they’ve done to change the program in a year or really half the year in the second half of the season. It was amazing.”

Coming into the week, you wanted to see the culture and how things changed. What did you think about it?

“It was crazy. The players have bought in. We knew that the fans and the people around Nebraska football bought in, but it was great to see the players have bought in. They couldn’t stop smiling every time Scott Frost’s name comes up. You can definitely tell they love the guy. Some of the seniors were bummed they don’t get to play with him the next few years.”

What was it like being around some of the recruits and commits again?

“Me and Mosai we are pretty tight. I saw him in the stands and just hung out. Me and him watched the game but then after that we hung out and we talked more. He’s a great guy. He’d be a great teammate. He’s trying to recruit me saying ‘hey Nebraska is the move’ along with everyone else. He’s probably one of my better friends.”

What is it like having guys committed and on the team wanting you to join? 

“It shows that they know what’s going on and what type of player I can be. What type of contribution I can bring to the team. Then again, it’s the same position group and its awesome to see that they accepted me so fast. They saw that the coaches really want me to come play and it was awesome.”

What stood out as some of the most memorable parts of the visit?

“Getting to talk Keith Zimmerman, their life coach that helps with community service and helps them become better people. Him talking to us was pretty awesome showing how much Nebraska does for the community, the team, the school. That really left a great impression on me. Getting to meet with the strength and conditioning coach and the dietician was truly amazing. I got to figure out that if I wanted to, my body could hold 320 pounds easily. That just shocked me. Just the program they put their players through to develop them to become the best.”

Are you still going to the Iron Bowl this week?


Do you plan to still sign on the early signing date?

“Yes. I’m planning to sign and commit on the early signing date but keep it quiet until the national signing date in February.”

After this visit, where would you say Nebraska stands with you?

“Like my answer has been throughout to everyone, I can’t really rank these colleges because they each provide a different and unique opportunity. I just grouped them together with these four colleges. It’s been Nebraska since the beginning, it’s been Oregon, USC now after I built a great relationship with Coach [Kenechi] Udeze. Alabama of course because I built the relationship with Coach Kul [Craig Kulogowski] and Coach [Tosh] Lupoi over there.” 

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