What Jamie Nance Means to Nebraska's 2019 Recruiting Class
Photo Credit: Greg Smith

Nebraska WR Commit Nance Loves Visit, Ready To Arrive in Lincoln

October 25, 2018

Over the weekend, Nebraska hosted three uncommited official visitors but they also hosted 3-star (HV Rating: 87.7) wide receiver Jamie Nance‍ for his official visit.


I caught up with Nance on Wednesday night to talk about his experience as an official visitor after having been to Lincoln for a couple of games already, being a recruiter while on his visit and the now-infamous group chat for Husker commits.

Here is the full Q&A of our interview.

How was the experience being an official visitor?

“It felt a little better. I got to go on the field actually instead of just the sidelines. We got good treatment, put in a hotel, we got treated right. Every time I turned I was asked if I needed anything. I got to go a little more behind the scenes with the meetings and players to see how they did stuff. I liked it a little bit better. I wish I could do it more instead of just taking unofficials. I loved it a lot. Especially with the win.”

What was it like being there for the first win?

“Like I said, going in behind the meetings, I got to hear Coach Frost and how he talks to his players. Going into that weekend, I knew they were going to get a win. I knew they kept digging, getting closer and closer every time. This was the time they were going to flip it, change the script and win. I just knew it walking into that stadium. I had the confidence like I was going to play. Just being a fan and knowing, it was even better.”

What did you think about the atmosphere?

“Oh man, you have fans and then you have fans that get there and go with the flow. The real fans, they are already there early and making loud noise knowing something is going to happen. Walking in with the motivation of that, you feel ten times better with support in the background. Just the positivity is what I like.”

Did you embrace being a recruiter for the team?

“Yes, I did. I got put in positions to talk to some guys, trying to get them there. I did my part. I did my best. I hope it stuck into their skulls. I just hope they didn’t think I was fake. I wasn’t being fake, I was saying what was real. I hope they slept on it, take it in even more with prayers. I hope they are my brothers one day.”

What makes this recruiting class so close?

“That group chat. I got a lot I can say about that. It grew and increased. It starts out with Garrett Nelson. He was the OG of it. He got it started. Later on, down the road it just got bigger. What I love about it is just the comfort of it. We can talk to each other about our problems, it’s a place we can joke. We send pictures to make each other laugh too. It makes your day even better.”

Who is the funniest guy in the group chat?

“Jackson [Hannah]. Jackson does some pretty funny stuff here and there. He can do some wacky stuff.”

Are you planning on enrolling early?

“Yes, I’ll be finishing my online classes soon. That’s the plan, to be up there in January. I just want to get engaged early. Just to get bigger, faster, stronger. I want to take as much opportunity that’s given to me to get there early and play.”

How would you describe your relationship with Frost, Held and Walters?

“It’s great. I’m not just saying that because you asked. I’m being serious when I say it’s great. Heck, I love Coach Frost, Coach [Ryan] Held and Coach [Troy] Walters. I also have to give my guy, [offensive graduate assistant Colby] Ellis, a shout out. He was Oklahoma raised and he’s my guy too. I love all my coaches.”


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