Nebraska's New Commit Branson Yager Finds New Home With Huskers
Photo Credit: Aaron Babcock

Nebraska’s New Commit Branson Yager Finds New Home With Huskers

April 28, 2020

When you’ve found the right fit, you just know. Branson Yager‍ found the right fit with the Huskers despite not being able to visit the school yet. COVID-19 restrictions kept the lineman from making his planned visit Lincoln in March. The Utah native joined Nebraska’s 2021 recruiting class on Monday evening. 

“You know, it's one of those things that I've known for a little while that's where I want to be,” Yager said. “I wanted to try to wait to get out there. I don't want to wait on something that I know is right for me and lose my chance. And then another big thing is that I want one school that I can focus on and just go. It's a little bit overwhelming to have all these other schools talking to you.”

Yager still plans to visit Nebraska this summer or as soon as things open back up. He did have the opportunity to get both sets of parents on the line with Nebraska’s coaches so everyone could get a feel for the staff. His parents felt good about the direction things were heading and gave their blessing to commit. After letting his nerves settle down some he called back and committed to Nebraska over the phone on Sunday night. Coach Scott Frost and offensive line coach Greg Austin were very excited but Yager was blown away by the reaction he got on social media after his announcement.

“Oh my gosh. It was like, within two minutes there's like 600 likes and comments and retweets,” Yager said. “It was just ridiculous. I mean, it’s what Nebraska football is. I knew it was going to happen. That fan base is just incredible. There's a little bit more than I expected. I'm not going to lie. I didn't expect to have like 10 different people asking me for an interview and the guys wanting to talk and congratulate me but it's so cool.”

The Huskers latest commit also heard from some fellow class of 2021 members. The other offensive linemen in the class—Teddy Prochazka and Henry Lutovsky—reached out, as well as other guys from the class and the team. Yager said his phone has been blowing up so much that he’s lost track. 

Yager is a prospect with lots of potential to become something special. He has a hard time seeing those traits in himself. He instead prefers to focus on getting better. Still, there is plenty that his new coaches have told him that they like about his game.

“The coaches, when they talk to me, they love my athleticism,” Yager said. “And the way I get after it. I mean, obviously the intangibles (6-8, 332) that I have, are something that coaches drool over because of how much they can work with it. But my athleticism and I guess the drive to want to be better is something that has really helped me through this.”

The Grantsville High standout knows there are still things to work on every day. The No. 1 thing he wants to keep working at is getting stronger. He’s fired up to be part of Nebraska’s strength and conditioning program with Zach Duval to see how much he can grow. That was a big selling point in his recruitment.

“Oh, yeah, it was that something that's just absolutely incredible,” Yager said. “Not only that but the brand new $155 million facility will be done the year I get there. I mean, it's going be incredible. I mean, obviously there's way more reasons than just that. It’s just another one of those things that helped. 

“It's like holy cow. This is going be my home.”

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