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Relationships Stand Out for WR Jaylin Noel as Decision Nears

May 23, 2020

Overhauling the wide receiver position has been one of the top priorities of Coach Scott Frost and his staff since taking over in Lincoln. Part of that is always being on the lookout to improve talent and another part is having the number of receivers on the roster needed to run their up-tempo offense. The Huskers added four wideouts in the 2019 class and followed that up with five in the 2020 cycle. They are still on the hunt for the first pass catcher of the 2021 recruiting cycle. 

Enter Jaylin Noel‍. 

The Kansas City 3-star (HV Rating: 83.8) wide receiver shot up to No. 4 on the latest Greg’s Guys list. He also told Hail Varsity last month that he was down to a final two between Nebraska and Iowa State. Noel was hoping to get his official visits in during June to both schools but the extended recruiting dead period has stopped those visits. Now that he knows those visits aren’t happening, I caught up with him to see what he is using to decide between the schools, his relationship with the coaches and more.

What were your thoughts once the dead period was extended? 

“My initial thought was just about not being able to take my two official visits I had planned for this coming month. On June 12 and June 19, I was going to Nebraska and Iowa State so not being able to take those within this next month was kind of upsetting but I'm not really changing my timeline or anything. I'm just taking my time and I'll be able to tell when it's time for me to make the decision. I’ll feel it in my heart to make the right decision, so not being able to take those official visits were upsetting but it still gives me time to like think.”

What is it specifically that you wanted to see on those officials that you might not get a chance to check out now?

“I've been to my two schools multiple times and I've seen their facilities and what they have to offer, so the official visit was kind of just an extra piece for me just being able to get up to those programs and feel out the culture there and atmosphere there. So those visits were just kind of extra things to me in maybe helping me decide. I feel like not being able to take those doesn't affect how I go about things because I've been to both schools multiple times. So, yeah, it was upsetting but overall but it's not the worst thing that could have happened.”

What are some of the things you're using now to be able to make that decision?

“Really just the relationships I've built with both coaching staffs. The relationships I have with both coaching staffs are really good. It comes down to does it feel like family, who's offering the best education and where I think I will succeed the most. Both of them are really neck-and-neck. It'll be a hard decision to make but I feel that there's no wrong decision I can make because both schools will help me become more successful. Really, I think both schools are good.”

Do you have an intended major?

“I want to go into business so a marketing major and minor in entrepreneurship to start my own business one day. Those majors and minors are my main goals. Both Iowa State and Nebraska both have those to offer which is really good.”

How has that relationship been with offensive coordinator and wide receivers coach Matt Lubick? How often are you in contact with him?

“It's a really good relationship. It's definitely developed. We've gotten to know more about each other. Recently, Iowa State or Nebraska, I didn't contact them much or they didn't contact me much because I told them I'd be focusing on finals for my school which is over now. We're back in contact. They would check in on me and there wasn't a complete cut off with communication but they would check in on me. But there wasn't a lot of calls and things like that. Not a lot of calls and Zoom meetings. So, now that school's over and I've finished school we're back in contact. With Coach Lubick the communication has been really nice. It's often every day or if not every day, every other day. [We are] just really getting to know each other more and more each time we get on the phone. We also talk about how I fit into the offense. [We are] just building that relationship every time we are able to talk.” 

What about him stands out to you in the time that you've been able to talk to him?

“His philosophy of the game and how he thinks of it is really unique and really cool with how he likes to coach. With him being a coach at Oregon and schools like that is really cool. With him being the offensive coordinator and wide receiver coach is a big plus. There’re not many schools that do that but with them being in my top two they are the only one. The wide receiver coach at Iowa State isn't the offensive coordinator, but Coach Lubick is. So, with him having that status at Nebraska it is a really good thing.” 

You also talk to running backs coach Ryan Held a lot because he's your area recruiter. How has the relationship grown over this last time period?

“He calls me now since the NCAA allows coaches to call the athletes. He calls me and it's just like a normal conversation like we know each other. Well, we do know each other. We've gotten to know each other really well and the relationship has been really good. Today he called me to congratulate me on finishing school strong. He's just always checking in on me seeing how I'm doing and always just makes sure I'm good.”

It's seems like it’s not just about football when you talk to Nebraska. Is that something that that you like from this staff?

“For sure because like I said a family feeling is one of the biggest things for me. Going into a program and not just being treated like family during the football season but outside of football. So, knowing that I'm able to talk to these coaches and they'll not be all about football all the time and just checking in on me is a big thing for me.”

What have you thought about the things that you've been presented by strengths coach Zach Duval and his staff?

“Oh, it's top of the line at Nebraska. Of course they were the first school ever to really introduce the nutrition and stuff mixed in with the strength and conditioning. Them just improving it all the time and them building that new facility that'll be the best in the country when they do have it built is really cool. They also present a meeting on what they do and how they keep their athletes as healthy and as strong as possible that is really cool. Knowing that’s an option for me is a really great thing.”

What type of advice did your parents give you about the process?

“Really just take my time and make sure that I get the most out of whatever school I pick. Just make sure that I know the education will suit me, know the coaching staff will suit me and the program in general. Not just going there and being it being all about football but being about my success in general. So they just want me to go into the best situation as possible and be as successful as I can.”

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