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The Story of the Chosen

August 25, 2017

Hello everybody, Joshua Moore here, and today I am starting my weekly diary with Hail Varsity. Every week, I will be letting you guys into my world to let you know more about myself and how I will prepare for my upcoming senior season.

As you can see I named my feature “The Story Of The Chosen.”

I named my feature this because the city that I come from, we don’t usually produce big-time athletes with talent that just go on to the next level and make their name known by the whole world. Nobody in my city that has come before me has accomplished what I have accomplished coming out of Yoakum, Texas. Most of you probably don’t even know how to pronounce that, I know most had never even heard of it until my brother, Jordan, and I jumped on the scene. I take a lot of pride in that. 

I was the first ever to receive an invite to the Nike Opening as well as The Under Armour All-American Game out of Yoakum or even the surrounding cities. Now mind you that I come from a very small town with a population of only 6,000 people. Two years ago my brother and I jumped on the scene in the recruiting world bringing tons of big-time college coaches through the city. That gave the younger guys coming up behind us motivation to chase their dreams as well. 

As sweet as all this may sound, there was a lot of adversity and hurdles that I had to go through to get to where I am today.

June 18th, 2013, my big brother took his own life and just a couple months before that my grandma died from cancer, so life isn’t just an easy path for me.

I strongly believe that God chose me to inspire and create change in my city and also in the world. I could’ve easily just been “another person from Yoakum” as people where I’m from call you if you don’t make it to be something. Well unfortunately, there are a lot of those people walking around here. God made me different.

He blessed me with everything that I need to make it out and to show the youth where I’m from that anything can be done if you believe in yourself and put in the work. “You can be whoever you want to be, just believe in yourself,” is a quote that I read a long time ago that has stuck with me to this day and is definitely a testament to my life. 

As some of you may know I made the transfer over to IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, in late January. I spent four months there working out, getting bigger, faster, stronger, and just working on my overall game as well as competing with the best of the best recruits in high school football. I remember one night laying in my bed and I just started to reminisce and think about my guys back home and the memories we made together. After a lot of prayers and talks with my family, I decided to transfer back to my previous high school and spend my senior year with the guys I grew up with my whole life.  

I won’t accept anything less than what I set out to do.
– Joshua Moore

We’re looking forward to having a big year! Last year, we went on to make a state-final appearance, which is something my school has not done since 1952 Just to be a part of something like that is a blessing. Everybody has high expectations for us this year being that we only graduated four seniors last year and now we have the majority of the team coming back. We don’t necessarily look at it as expectations though. We look at it as finishing what we started, and this year will be that year that we bring it home.

My preparation for this season has been pretty intense. I understand that this is my last year of high school football and I only have one more shot to accomplish what I want to accomplish before it’s all said and done. There isn’t any room for error.

With that being said I’ve really just been trying to become more of a leader. I’m not the type of guy that gives pre-game speeches to get the team pumped up, I’m more of a quiet, “sit in my locker with my headphones on getting my mind right for the game” type of guy. I like to lead by action, not so much through words.

I am looking forward to having a big season. I wrote down a few personal goals that I have set for myself and I won’t accept anything less than what I set out to do.

Special thanks to Hail Varsity recruiting analyst Greg Smith for his ongoing work with Joshua on this project. (ed.)

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