Trusting the Process
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Trusting the Process, Broc Bando Ready to Play for Nebraska

November 08, 2016

Broc Bando, a 6-foot-5, 280-pound offensive lineman, was Nebraska’s 10th commit for its 2017 recruiting class. He is originally from Lincoln, Nebraska where he attended Lincoln Southeast. After two years as a Knight, Bando transferred to IMG Academy—a boarding school and sports training center—in Bradenton, Florida to finish his high school career.

Bando spoke exclusively to Hail Varsity about the Huskers’ loss to Ohio State, his commitment to Nebraska and what he’s looking forward to most about coming home. He even shared a little about the one hobby he loves that many don’t know about.

Q: What has the transition from Lincoln, Nebraska to Bradenton, Florida been like?

BB: It’s been a lot harder. Getting used to living by yourself honestly was a big challenge but I’ve gotten used to it. Also, since you’re not the only one going away from home at such a young age, the team is now my family, you could say.

Q: Do believe this experience is better equipping you for college-life?

BB: I’m basically in college right now, just taking high school classes.

Q: How often do you get home to see your family?

BB: I usually get to go back home every nine weeks at the end of quarters for a week. It’s a pretty nice break.

Q: Has leaving Nebraska confirmed for you that the Huskers are the team for you?

BB: It never really changed. I always wanted to go to Nebraska. It’s my home school. Now Nebraska is that school I want to go to.

Q: There’s no way you flip from Nebraska, right?

BB: I’m definitely firm on Nebraska.

Q: Is being a Husker a dream come true then?

BB: Yes. I mean, I dressed up as a Husker as a kid for Halloween.

Q: What went through your mind watching Nebraska lose to Ohio State?

BB: If they can bounce back … With Tommy [Armstrong], if he’s not allowed to play against Minnesota, I want to see if the team is willing to bounce back and see what they can do even though one of the best is gone. It’s next man up. They have to bounce back.

Q: There have been a lot of injuries to the Nebraska offensive line this year. Are you anxious when seeing that to get to Memorial Stadium and potentially contribute right away?

BB: I’m excited but if I have to wait, I’m not worried that I’m not going to play. I’m going to trust the process and know when it’s my time, it’s my time. I’m not early and I’m not late.

Q: Some young players feel if they don’t get that chance, though…

BB: It’s the end of the world, yeah. It’s not.

Q: What do you think about offensive line coach Mike Cavanaugh?

BB: He’s a family-guy. He always talks about how he takes the starting guys to his house and just makes a barbecue. He’s always wearing those Hawaiian shirts, which I think is funny because, in Nebraska, no one wears those shirts. He’s goofy but still serious.

Q: Does Cavanaugh check in with you about more than just football?

BB: Definitely. It’s not just football; it’s grades, family, how life is going in general.

Q:  I’ve heard that your recruiting class has a group chat to discuss which potential recruits you need to put pressure on to consider Nebraska. Is this real?

BB: I’d say there is a group chat but that’s all I’m going to say.

Q: Has it been fun getting to know your fellow teammates?

BB: We get to talk and stuff like that, then we get to meet in real life and that’s all cool. We already know what we’re about and who we are.

Q: What are you looking forward to most about attending the University of Nebraska – Lincoln?

BB: Just going back home and getting some of my mom’s cooking.

Q: What’s one thing about you that people may not know?

BB: The only thing that comes to mind is that I love to fish. At IMG, we have some fresh water ponds and we get to fish on days off. Sometimes we get to go to the bay and fish at the sea.

Q: Who has better fishing – Florida or Nebraska?

BB: Florida’s is good but I miss Nebraska fishing.

Q: Any plans to go deep-sea fishing?

BB: Hopefully I get to go deep-sea fishing over the winter break so I’ll get to see how that is.

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