Nebraska defensive lineman Ty Robinson tackles a Michigan running back in 2021.
Photo Credit: Eric Francis

A Lighter Monday, a Defensive Standard and More Notes Ahead of Minnesota

October 11, 2021

A football season can take a toll on the players. The Huskers have been playing for seven straight weeks. That means the Minnesota matchup with mark about two straight months of playing college football. Thanks to the nature of the Big Ten Conference, the Huskers have played in several physical games with more to come. Coach Scott Frost gave his team a much-needed lighter day to start this game week.

Defensive lineman Ty Robinson said the team was in spider pads on Monday. Otherwise it was the same Monday routine the team goes through. It was the same drills at the same tempo but the players were able to take care of their bodies which was nice.

“It’s been seven weeks. We’ve been putting in work every week,” Robinson said. “I haven’t seen us take one step back at all this whole season. So, for Coach Frost to finally let us get a little break on a Monday before another big game was pretty nice. My body feels a lot better after today. I don’t know if it could have gone through another beating this whole week so I’m really happy that he took care of us.”

Robinson said that his goal is to always give it his all in practice so he can prepare for the game ahead of the team. Those good practice habits also include stretching or getting in the cold tub. He feels like he has a pretty good routine. The Arizona native didn’t always have that routine. He credited Damion Daniels, Chris Walker, Ben Stille and Damian Jackson. Those players helped him develop that routine that he uses today.

Robinson said he’s excited for the game this weekend. Having the lighter day will allow him to come back Tuesday even harder and faster. He knows that the game in Minnesota will be another classic Big Ten battle. His body may be hurting but he wants to take full advantage of all the things the team offers to be him recover. Punter William Przystup agreed with Robinson. The impact of having a lighter day can add up.

“Having a lighter day helps a lot,” Przystup said. “Mondays, I always feel out of it. Just because when we have night games like this Sunday feels like three hours. It just feels like I slept through the whole entire day. So, having a day like this It just helps me recover faster and makes me like bring my leg up higher rather than focusing on not stretching beforehand just to get down for practice.”

The Huskers have one more hard-hitting game to get through before the first bye week of the season. Finding small ways to help the team recover could go a long way to keeping the team fresh. We are entering a critical stretch of the season for the team’s bowl chances.

More news and notes:

As Nebraska gets deeper into the Big Ten portion of the schedule, the team continues facing off against programs that like to run the ball. That excites Robinson who will have a little extra juice this week because of that.

“Yeah, it’s another week to prove myself and for our defensive line to prove ourselves,” Robinson said. “I think we found a pretty good identity for our front seven in the box. Nobody can run it inside on us. The only way you’re going to beat us is you’re going to have to run it outside. I really feel confident in that and so I’d like to hold ourselves to that standard and play that standard.”

>> The upcoming bye week will be a welcome break for many players. Punter William Przystup was surprised the team gets a bye this season. He thought that after the COVID-19 season teams would play straight through to make up for lost time. He was happy when he found out the team got bye weeks.

“I thought great, I get a week off,” Przystup said. “At the same time, we got to stay locked in. No funny business, no going out. Just making sure that we all hold ourselves accountable and prepare for the next week.”

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