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Adrian Martinez

September 23, 2018

Adrian Martinez had an idea midweek of last




When did you know you would start?
“I pretty much had a good idea midway through the week of where I was physically and I felt I was in good enough shape to start and Coach Frost and Mark, our head trainer, we made the decision together and went from there.”
How close to full strength did you feel?
“I felt like I was there today. I wouldn’t have stepped out there against Michigan if I felt that I couldn’t perform.”
Slow start
“That’s kind of a big part of it, we need to start games better. It’s hard to get things going when we dig ourselves deep. Colorado, down. Troy, down. This game, down as well. It limits us. We need to do a better job of that going forward and just little details, little things, missed opportunities. On that tipped interception, if it would have gone a different way it would have been different for us there at the beginning.”
Thought they had a good chance at a TD if the pass makes it through
On the called safety:
“I think they said I had possession of the ball on that second one. I think either way if I had caught it it would have been a safety. I wasn’t exactly sure what to do in that situation when it got batted up. I tried patting it forward. It is what it is.”
On how he feels:
“My knee feels fine. I don’t feel half-bad right now. Obviously losing the way we did in that fashion doesn’t feel good, but my body, I’ll recover. I don’t feel too bad.”
On his performance:
“I didn’t do too many things well today to reckon(?) anything good from it. I’m going to watch the film learn as much as I can from it and move on. We have a new opportunity next week.”
On moving on past this loss:
“Coach always says we have 24 hours to mourn or be happy, whatever it is depending on the result of the game, and then we have to move on. I’m going to go in tomorrow, get treatment, watch film on our next game. Nothing else to do. The biggest thing right now is to stick together as a team, stay positive, know what we need to fix and correct it going forward.”

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