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Dog Days Are Over for Nebraska (at Least for Now)

October 21, 2018

Nebraska lost to Troy, 24-19, on Sept. 15. That was the Huskers' second loss of the season, following a canceled matchup with Akron and a loss to Colorado at home. In Scott Frost's post-game press conference following the Troy matchup, he tried to make as much sense of the loss as he could.

"It’s always darkest before the dawn," Frost said at the time. "I know where this is going, so I want every guy in that locker room to be on board.”

Some people heard this. I heard this.

And in some bizarre way, that Florence + The Machine song became a benchmark for me personally with this season. If Troy was Nebraska's 'Shake It Out' moment, there had to be something else on the horizon.

There had to be something for when it turned.

Yes, another Florence + The Machine song. I've been holding on to 'Dog Days Are Over' for five weeks. Waiting patiently for when the "dog days" would finally turn.

I had hoped to revisit the song and idea I'd had for so many weeks after the matchup with Northwestern. It seemed likely, and then Nebraska lost in overtime. It would have been nice to get that first win in Evanston, Illinois. There was something special about it happening at home, though.

By the time Nebraska went up 53-28 over Minnesota on Saturday, players were dancing. Fans were dancing. The stadium was electric in a way I had not experienced in quite some time.

So, maybe that loss to the Wildcats was what Nebraska needed to finally turn a corner.

"I saw it [today], and I saw it all week," senior wide receiver Stanley Morgan said. "[Our] Monday practice was amazing. Coming off a heartbreaking loss, we thought we had it in the bag and last minute it went into overtime and we lost.

"These guys came to work Monday ready to go, and I felt it."

Frost felt it too. And by the end, Nebraska had put up impressive numbers. Like, really impressive numbers.

Numbers like that? A win like that? It felt like the Frost Era could really begin.

“It’s long overdue," Frost said. "This feels great. This is what it’s supposed to feel like.”

Nebraska fans left Memorial Stadium feeling good. The dog days are over, at least according to that Florence + The Machine song. That doesn't mean there isn't plenty of work still ahead. There is, especially with Bethune-Cookman scheduled on top of Nebraska's bye week.

"We have to prepare and get ready," Frost said. "It would be nice to try and get two in a row if we play well. We are missing out on a bye week and resting our guys. We are beat up a little bit and tired. We will keep on adjusting as much as we can."

The adjustments and planning can begin tomorrow. For now, it's worth celebrating just a bit. Nebraska wanted that first win. Needed it, in fact, and it finally came.

"Sometimes when you break through the dam, the flood waters come," Frost said.

If only that were a Florence + The Machine song, too.

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