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Drake’s Takes: Fordham, Climate Change and G Herbo

September 03, 2021

It’s been another very eventful week in Nebraska sports. As we head into another week, let’s recap some of those events and more. 

Time for Fordham

Losing truly can be an incredible feat. 

The way Nebraska dropped its game to Illinois was almost beyond parody with the mistakes that were made. If a bad snap causes the Twitter timeline to collectively claim “Bingo,” that’s not a good thing.

I said last Friday that it was a game they should win, and if they didn’t, it would set a negative narrative for the rest of the season. That’s set now.

Nebraska’s schedule was supposed to look scary this season, but the front half was supposed to be a lot lighter, with the exception of Oklahoma. I wasn’t on the train from the start that Nebraska would be significantly improved this year, but another loss to Illinois accompanied by head coach Scott Frost’s awkward quote is even worse than expected.

Thankfully for them, the Huskers will get a break this week by playing Fordham. I shouldn’t have had to hesitate as much as I did typing that, but I think I can say with confidence this won’t be one to worry about.

The eyes will be on the offense once again. The Husker attack has struggled to do the minimum against far inferior opponents before (South Alabama, 2019), and worry will only escalate if there’s a repeat of that.

It’ll be interesting to watch if there is any actual offensive identity at Nebraska when the yards come easier. I’d like to see the running backs get a bit more opportunity to carry the ball. 

Wide receivers also continue to draw my interest. It feels like we didn’t see too much from them either, but Oliver Martin impressed with a 100-plus yard showing. I think this group could be one with up to three consistent solid receivers instead of one or two standouts, and that’s okay.

The Nebraska defense might not be elite, but it’ll do enough to give the Huskers a chance in a lot of games. The offense figuring out what’s going on on their end is crucial to any hope of a season turnaround.

Hurricane Ida and climate change

If you haven’t been paying attention, Hurricane Ida has made a significant impact on the country over the past week. 

The storm has killed at least 43 people over four states in the northeast. The pictures of the damage and flooding have been jarring. 

It seems that these disasters are becoming more and more frequent. Climate change is indeed real, and we should all be aware of it and do our part. I do think about my role in these issues more and more often, beyond taking the personal responsibility to make eco-friendly choices. 

Admittedly, climate change is a topic I’m still learning more about and haven’t really ever written about. That being said, now more than ever, it’s crucial that we understand how climate change will impact every aspect of life. I’m not sure that weather and sports have ever been friends over the years, but that may only be accentuated moving forward.

We’ve already seen how this all can affect sports. Football games have been moved around this weekend. A minor league ballpark in New Jersey is underwater, and players have been impacted harshly because of it. 

Thankfully, Fordham — located in New York — hasn’t seemed to have any issues when it comes to preparing to travel to Lincoln. That doesn’t mean Nebraska can’t be affected in the future. 

The Huskers’ balloon release tradition has often been criticized for its effects on the environment. That’s centered more on how it can harm animals, but it’s an environmental issue nonetheless. 

Some of the effects on athletics are minor compared to the death and destruction that has been brought by these natural disasters. Still, as draining as talking about these subjects can be, it’s worth keeping in mind that sports will never be exempt from the climate change conversation. 

G Herbo coming to Lincoln 

Another big announcement that came out of Lincoln this week was that rapper G Herbo will perform at the Opening Night with Husker Hoops event on Oct. 1. 

Personally, I’m not a huge G Herbo fan. I know a lot of people love his music, and I enjoy some of his songs, but he’s generally not for me. Regardless, this is a pick that the players are likely excited about. 

These events are always interesting, honestly. Nebraska isn’t known as a hot destination for rappers, and I can’t help but chuckle when I see how many fans and others in Nebraska have no idea who G Herbo is. 

I’m interested to see if the night ends up being as chaotic as the 2019 iteration of the event, which featured Rick Ross. Ross showed up late, so an MC was tasked with filling the time in between. That sequence featured statements such as, “When I say corn, you say Huskers!” and “Whenever you see a Cornhusker on the street, you’ve gotta feed those guys!”

In one way or another, it’ll be a fun event. 

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