Frost and Ferentz Share Preference for Morning Practices
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Ferentz Will Be ‘Shocked’ If Frost Isn’t Successful In Lincoln

July 24, 2018

CHICAGO — Scott Frost’s confidence in his staff's ability to lead Nebraska back to championship football is hard to miss. Spend any amount of time asking him questions and that belief can’t be ignored. 

On Monday at Big Ten Media Days, Frost talked about the process of getting better day by day. If that process takes shape he feels that he knows where this team is heading. 

"I know if we're getting better day by day, we're going to be really dangerous and hard to beat in the very near future," Frost said. "We'll see how this first year goes, but people better get us now because we're going to keep getting better and better."

One of the teams Nebraska will have to topple is Iowa. The rivals to the east have won the last three games against the Huskers including a 56-14 blowout in Lincoln last season. On Tuesday, Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz was asked what he thought of Nebraska now gunning for the Hawkeyes with Frost in place. 

“I don’t think they are just gunning for us. My guess is Scott wants to gun for everybody and that’s what we all do. We all have the same goal," Ferentz said. "In our case, we are trying to get to Indianapolis. We all have a common denominator. Scott has done a phenomenal job in a fairly young coaching career. He did a great job as a player. He certainly knows the culture of Nebraska better than anyone. So, it made a great amount of sense that he was the hire there. I’d be shocked if they don’t do a really nice job there."

When Frost was hired his opening press conference included the now famous line that “hopefully the Big Ten will have to adjust to us” when asked about feeling the need to modify his up-tempo offensive attack to a traditionally defense-first conference. Ferentz was asked generally about preparing for new coaches coming into the league on Tuesday. Since Frost is the only new head coach to join the league, his response veered towards Lincoln.

“We don’t play them until the end so that makes a difference," he said. "We are somewhat familiar with what they do schematically but quite frankly we aren’t going to burn a lot of brain cells on what they’ve run at past places. It’s really a matter of how things mesh with the personnel they have now. Certainly, we expect an up-tempo offense like they had a UCF and at Oregon. That seems to be part of Scott’s DNA. It’s [the preparation] really going to get going once they start playing and we will have a better feel of how that transition goes for them.”

It’s probably an understatement to say it seems like tempo offense is in Frost’s DNA. Soon enough, talking season will be over and we will all find out which side needs to do the adjusting. 

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