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Finally, Football: Oct. 2020 Issue of Hail Varsity Out this Week

October 14, 2020

It was a long road to get here but the latest issue of Hail Varsity, celebrating Big Ten football’s return, is on its way to mailboxes and newsstands now. Make sure you don’t miss an issue by subscribing today.

As a preview of what you’ll find in the new issue, here is Mike Babcock’s Letter from the Editor.

Are you ready for some football? And yes, that used to be Hank Williams Jr.’s intro to NFL football on Monday nights. So, it needs qualification.

Are you ready for some Nebraska football? You can pick someone to sing that. 

Or not. 

The point is, barring something unforeseen, which, granted, is the nature of things these days, the Huskers are about to open a schedule of eight conference games, plus one, at Ohio State.

Oh yes, there might be a bowl game, too. You never know.

That means this issue of Hail Varsity provides content about the upcoming, at one point unexpected, season, including an extensive overview by managing editor Brandon Vogel, a notebook by Derek Peterson, and, as it turns out, a feature on Nate Rohr, who handles the PA at Memorial Stadium.

When the Rohr story was planned, there wasn’t going to be Husker football in 2020—the same with the marching band photo spread.

Though it’s unclear how things will be handled at Memorial Stadium on game days, presumably Rohr will be announcing what’s happening on the field, in front of fan cutouts in the Sea of Red promotion explained in Hot Reads, which provides further insight into the now-on season.

Unfortunately, the band most likely won’t be playing. I say “most likely” because, again, I’ve learned not to take anything for granted in the last several months.

Deputy editor Erin Sorensen provides a Q&A with future Husker Koby Bretz. 

Recruiting never stops, pandemic or not, and you can follow that with recruiting analyst Greg Smith at HailVarsity.com.

Fans will likely fill the stadium with cutouts, despite having to watch games from “afar,” to borrow a description from former Husker coach Bill Callahan—now the Cleveland Browns’ offensive line coach. Ask just about anyone who covered Bill and they can provide the proper inflection for “afar.”

The same for “you bet,” another Bill-ism.

Not long ago, “you bet” wouldn’t have followed a question of whether there would be a Husker season, which folks will enjoy, even if viewed on television screens instead of in-person.

This issue also includes the second of the four-part series on the 1970 season, context for what would be Nebraska’s first national championship run. Things were much different 50 years ago, of course, except for fan passion for Husker football. Despite the passing of time, and Nebraska’s fall from the national rankings, expectations remain unchanged.

We also have a little Husker basketball and baseball in this issue. 

The focus, however, is . . . 

Are you ready for some Nebraska football? 

You bet.

Even from afar.

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