Friday Forecast: A Snow Globe Game at Minnesota Ends with a Nebraska...?
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Friday Forecast: A Snow Globe Game at Minnesota Ends with a Nebraska…?

October 11, 2019

Friday Forecast is back after a year-long hiatus last season. The Hail Varsity staff is picking the Husker game and five of the best non-Nebraska games each week. 

Here's how everyone’s doing against the spread after five weeks.

  • Brandon Vogel: 16-20
  • Erin Sorensen: 17-19
  • Greg Smith: 18-18
  • Jacob Padilla: 18-18
  • Derek Peterson: 14-22

Nebraska at Minnesota (MINN –7.5, O/U 50.0) 

Brandon Vogel: This is one of the more mysterious Nebraska games I can remember. Minnesota’s 5-0, but we’re still waiting to see just how good the Gophers are. Nebraska’s largely a mystery. Throw the potential for nasty weather on top of all that and it’s one big shoulder shrug. If I felt better about the Huskers’ running game, I’d think hard about Nebraska winning straight up. But with so much uncertainty, I’ll go with how this one looks on paper. PICK: Minnesota 30, Nebraska 21 

Erin Sorensen: Minnesota is a 5-0 team that could easily be 1-4. Nebraska is a 4-2 team that could easily be 2-4, or even 5-1. So as Brandon said, there is a lot of mystery here with this. Could Nebraska win? Of course, but the Huskers can’t turn the ball over and they can’t get a bunch of penalties. Nebraska did OK with the former against Northwestern, but not so much with the latter. And then there's the whole kicker situation with the weather, a new quarterback, questions with snapping… Yeah. There’s too much unknown here for me to give the Huskers the win. I’ll give them the cover though. PICK: Minnesota 31, Nebraska 24 

Greg Smith: This is quite a bizarre game. It’s hard to remember this much of a lackluster opponent for Nebraska creating so much doubt about the outcome as this Minnesota team. Bad weather might actually play into Nebraska’s favor here. I think the Huskers win a tight game. PICK: Nebraska 20, Minnesota 14 

Jacob Padilla: I’ve gone back and forth so many times on this game, but since I stuck with my preseason projection of 8-4 in the Mailbag this week I probably need to pick Nebraska to win this weekend. The weather is a big wildcard that makes it really tough to settle on a score. If it’s just really cold with a little bit of precipitation, I think this game probably ends up in the mid-to-upper 20s. But if there’s significant snow and wind, it’s going to be much harder to get there. PICK: Nebraska 21, Minnesota 17 

Derek Peterson: If this is snowy and conditions are less-than-ideal, I think that favors Nebraska. The more precipitation the better, otherwise Nebraska’s going to have to find some way to slow down the talented trio of wideouts the Gophers have to offer. But that’s the strength of this team right now, figuring out ways on defense to put itself in spots to win. I like Nebraska’s ability to put points on this Minnesota defense, I just don’t think there will be a ton to be had on Saturday. Still, Nebraska’s the better team; sooner or later that will matter in coin-flip games like this. PICK: Nebraska 24, Minnesota 20 

No. 1 Alabama at No. 24 Texas A&M (BAMA –17.0, O/U 61.0) 

BV: This is going to be a classic ‘Bama slow burn, I think. Jimbo Fisher will try to bleed this thing dry, and he’s pretty good at doing that. A&M could hang in early and just hold on at the end for a cover. PICK: Alabama 31, Texas A&M 17 

ES: Alabama by a million. PICK: Alabama 41, Texas A&M 20 

GS: Roll Tide. PICK: Alabama 49, Texas A&M 20 

JP: A&M’s defense has been terrific this season, but the Aggies haven’t played an offense like Alabama’s (sorry, Clemson). PICK: Alabama 42, Texas A&M 24 

DP: Who did the Aggies piss off to get this schedule? Jimbo Fisher and Co. have beaten the teams they’re supposed to beat and lost to the teams they’re supposed to so far. This is supposed to be a loss. And I don’t like A&M’s ability to hang around here as it did against Auburn. Alabama takes no prisoners. PICK: Alabama 41, Texas A&M 17 

No. 7 Florida at No. 5 LSU (LSU –13.5, O/U 55.5) 

BV: This is a big spot for LSU. Roll here—and all LSU has done this season is roll—and people are going to start putting them ahead of Georgia in the SEC power rankings. The Tigers have that capability, but 13.5 is a big number against a strong defense. Give me the Gaters to get in under the number. PICK: LSU 31, Florida 24 

ES: I’m just going to pick against the group for a chance to get a game up on everyone else. Go Tigers. PICK: LSU 34, Florida 20 

GS: All year I’ve rolled with LSU, thinking they are better than people realize. So far they are proving me correct. The Gators defense is salty though which helps them stay in this one. I like the Tigers to win at home but not cover. PICK: LSU 28, Florida 20 

JP: I wanted to pick the Tigers to cover here considering all my colleagues went the other way, but 13.5 is a really big number, even for LSU at home. I don’t think the Gators can match the Tigers in terms of offensive firepower, but I think that defense will keep them in the game. PICK: LSU 30, Florida 21 

DP: Joe Burrow has been splendid to begin the season, but so too has Florida’s defense. It’s strength-on-strength. Florida’s offense is good-not-great, but so too is LSU’s defense; both are top-30 units in Bill Connelly’s S&P+ rankings. So I’ll take the Tigers to win, because they’ll get better quarterback play, but these are two equally great football teams and that doesn’t mean blowout in the SEC. PICK: LSU 30, Florida 24 

No. 6 Oklahoma vs. No. 11 Texas (OU –10.5, O/U 75.5) 

BV: I liked this number for Oklahoma a lot better when it was in the single digits. The Sooners always have runaway potential, but Texas has been better than I expected so far this season. The Longhorns will keep this close and we’ll all get to enjoy a game befitting of one of the greatest settings in college football. PICK: Oklahoma 40, Texas 31 

ES: Texas is ranked last in the Big 12 in yards given up per play with 6.14. That’s not great when you consider Oklahoma’s offense. I want to pick Texas to cover, but I just can’t. PICK: Oklahoma 49, Texas 38 

GS: Strange things can happen in this series and the Riley versus Herman chapters have been fun. However, OU is rolling and I don’t see it slowing down. PICK: Oklahoma 50, Texas 20 

JP: Horns down. PICK: Oklahoma 49, Texas 35 

DP: It’s saxeT hate week and Jalen Hurts is a buzzsaw right now. PICK: Oklahoma 47, Texas 31 

No. 10 Penn State at No. 17 Iowa (PSU –3.0, O/U 42.5) 

BV: I’m picking Penn State and I’m going to be mad when Iowa takes this down to the wire and maybe even wins outright. That’s less likely in my mind than a Nittany Lion cover, but it feels more likely because Iowa. If that makes sense. PICK: Penn State 27, Iowa 21 

ES: Penn State is averaging 47 points per game. Iowa is averaging 27.4. I don’t think Iowa is going to be terrible in this one, but I have a hard time taking them to cover. PICK: Penn State 27, Iowa 20 

GS: I know night games at Kinnick can produce strange results but Penn State is surprisingly very good. They have too many athletes for Iowa. PICK: Penn State 31, Iowa 17 

JP: I don’t expect Iowa to play as poorly on offense as it did against Michigan, but Penn State is simply a more complete team and I’m having a hard time seeing how the Hawkeyes can keep up offensively. The defense will do its part, but that won’t be enough. PICK: Penn State 28, Iowa 20 

DP: Iowa’s offense is meh. Penn State’s offense is very, very good. I don’t see a way the Hawkeyes can keep up. PICK: Penn State 35, Iowa 20 

Hawaii at No. 14 Boise State (BSU –13.0, O/U 60.5) 

BV: I’m hoping for a late-night, smurf-turf classic here. Hawaii has the team to do it, it’s just a little too volatile at this stage for my taste. Go with what’s known. Go with Boise State on its home field. PICK: Boise State 34, Hawaii 20  

ES: I want to see this one get crazy, but I think Boise State handles it just fine. Home field advantage is a big piece of that. PICK: Boise State 35, Hawaii 20 

GS: Let’s get weird. PICK: Hawaii 31, Boise State 30 

JP: Cole McDonald is going to throw the ball all over the field. The question is whether it goes to his receivers or to the defenders. I think the Rainbow Warriors have enough firepower to make this interesting, but not get the win. PICK: Boise State 35, Hawaii 27 

DP: Rainbow Warriors and the Smurf Turf kicking off at 9:15 p.m. CT. Sign me up. I like Hawaii to keep it closer than expected. PICK: Boise State 38, Hawaii 31 

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