Friday Forecast: Can Bowl Hopes Stay Alive for the Huskers?
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Friday Forecast: Can Bowl Hopes Stay Alive for the Huskers?

November 22, 2019

Friday Forecast is back after a year-long hiatus last season. The Hail Varsity staff is picking the Husker game and four of the best non-Nebraska games each week. 

Here's how everyone’s doing against the spread after 12 weeks of picks.

  1. Jacob Padilla: 38-31
  2. Brandon Vogel: 36-33
  3. Erin Sorensen: 32-37
  4. Derek Peterson: 32-37
  5. Greg Smith: 26-43

Nebraska at Maryland (NEB –5.0, O/U 62.0) 

Brandon Vogel: Nebraska’s been up and down this season, as we’ve all seen, but Maryland, man, it’s either all the way on or all the way off. On Senior Day, at home, I’m guessing they’ll be closer to “on.” Unless the rain gets in the way, this one will probably be back and forth, but that type of game might suit this particular group of Huskers. PICK: Nebraska 35, Maryland 28 

Erin Sorensen: This is basically a night game for Maryland, which makes me nervous. Add in Senior Day and things get even uglier. With that said, I think Nebraska wins this one. Should make the week following very interesting. PICK: Nebraska 34, Maryland 27 

Greg Smith: This game is much tougher to pick than I anticipated. One on hand, Nebraska is in a must-win against a lackluster opponent. That hasn’t stopped them from losing these types of games this season though. On the other hand the Huskers are still pretty banged up and a number of key players are hobbled. They get over the hump this week setting up a Super Bowl with Iowa. PICK: Nebraska 42, Maryland 28 

Jacob Padilla: For most of this season, it hasn’t mattered the level of opponent Nebraska has faced. The Huskers have done enough to give you a reason to think they can win and then they’ve beat themselves, almost every time. However, this week, perhaps the margin for error is big enough that the Huskers can make a few mistakes while still doing enough to win the game. PICK: Nebraska 35, Maryland 21 

Derek Peterson: Nebraska is going to win. That’s my prediction. Let’s get that out of the way. I think the Huskers come out on top. But it’s going to be an adventure to get there. Maryland won’t roll over, and I think the special teams component of this game is going to prove to be a pain in the but for Nebraska, more so than usual. PICK: Nebraska 42, Maryland 38  

No. 8 Penn State at No. 2 Ohio State (OSU –18.5, O/U 57.5) 

BV: Is KJ Hamler available for Penn State or isn’t he? With him, maybe I can overlook some regression on offense over the past couple of games. Without him? No way. PICK: Ohio State 41, Penn State 20 

ES: An 18.5-point spread? What? PICK: Ohio State 38, Penn State 21 

GS: The buzz saw keeps rolling. PICK: Ohio State 40, Penn State 17  

JP: Penn State has allowed 710 passing yards at an 80% completion rate over the last two games. Now the Nittany Lions get to play against Justin Fields in the Shoe. Good luck with that. PICK: Ohio State 42, Penn State 21 

DP: Buckeyes. Big. PICK: Ohio State 44, Penn State 20 

Texas A&M at No. 4 Georgia (UGA –13.0, O/U 44.0) 

BV: A&M still has some pretty good players. Georgia’s still playing football from 2009. It’s working for the Bulldogs, and they should be fine here but give me the Aggies to cover. PICK: Georgia 24, Texas A&M 14 

ES: I like Georgia to win this one. I’m just not so sure about the Bulldogs covering. PICK: Georgia 24, Texas A&M 17 

GS: Brandon is right about UGA’s style of play and at some point they will have to adapt. It won’t matter in this game for the win. It will for the cover. PICK: Georgia 21, Texas A&M 14 

JP: I want to go against the grain here and pick Georgia to win big, but I just can’t do it. The Bulldogs haven’t scored more than 27 points in their last five games, and it’s hard to cover that big of a spread while scoring in the 20s. PICK: Georgia 27, Texas A&M 17 

DP: The Bulldogs have already locked up the division. For that reason, I think this will be close. PICK: Georgia 28, Texas A&M 17

No. 13 Michigan at Indiana (MICH –9.5, O/U 54.5) 

BV: Has Michigan’s offense truly turned the corner? Is Whop Philyor available for the Hoosiers? Both questions appear to be trending the Wolverines’ direction. PICK: Michigan 31, Indiana 21 

ES: I want Indiana to cover. I think the Hoosiers could but my gut says to pick Michigan. That’s gone wrong for me before, so maybe it will again. Guess we’ll find out. PICK: Michigan 27, Indiana 17 

GS: I really hope Whop Philyor finds a way to play in this one because Indiana would be a dangerous test for Michigan. As it stands now, it’s hard to pick against Big Blue. PICK: Michigan 35, Indiana 21 

JP: A team hasn’t completed at least 57% of its passes against Michigan’s defense since Rutgers in week five. With Whop Philyor looking to be a longshot, I’m not sure Indiana has enough to play the way it needs to in order to keep up with a Michigan offense that has suddenly become fairly dynamic. PICK: Michigan 38, Indiana 27 

DP: Gotta win this one if you want to be Nine-Windiana. PICK: Indiana 33, Michigan 27

Oregon State at Washington State (WSU –10.5, O/U 76.5) 

BV: I mean, it should be Washington State easy, right? The Cougars are more than 11 points better than Oregon State, as pleasantly surprising as the Beavers have been, but Washington State is always a little volatile. Still going with Leach, though. PICK: Washington State 42 Oregon State 24 

ES: Uh. PICK: Washington State 45, Oregon State 27 

GS: Oregon State has been decent. Washington State is clearly better but my gut (which is often wrong) has me feeling an upset. PICK: Oregon State 50, Washington State 49 

JP: Washington State has lost to three teams Oregon State has beaten this season, and both teams are 5-5. The Cougars have struggled against almost every team they faced with a pulse this year. Do the Beavers have a pulse? Enough of one to at least get a cover here. PICK: Washington State 42, Oregon State 34 

DP: I don't know. PICK: Oregon State 40, Washington State 31

Syracuse at Louisville (LOU –9.5, O/U 62.5) 

BV: Syracuse has been burning me all year, Louisville has been pretty good to me. Seems like a clear choice, yes? Instead, I’ll try to outthink myself. PICK: Louisville 28, Syracuse 21 

ES: I now understand why Derek was sighing and saying this week’s games weren’t very good when making the selections for Friday Forecast. I have nothing to say about most of these. PICK: Louisville 31, Syracuse 21 

GS: In terms of Nebraska’s recruiting this is a game to watch because Louisville is hosted a handful of targets the Huskers like. On the field, I like the Satterfield’s scrappy bunch to win and cover. PICK: Louisville 31, Syracuse 20 

JP: Syracuse snapped a four-game losing streak with a beatdown against Duke last week. Not sure the Orange can muster that kind of an effort two weeks in a row. PICK: Louisville 31, Syracuse 21 

DP: It's clear Syracuse was pretty over-valued heading into the season. Big Scott Satterfield fan. PICK: Louisville 41, Syracuse 27

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