Friday Forecast: Hail Varsity Bids Farewell to Football
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Friday Forecast: Hail Varsity Bids Farewell to Football

February 02, 2018

Hail Varsity's Brandon Vogel, Greg Smith, Jacob Padilla and Derek Peterson are back to predict the Super Bowl and a handful of basketball games.

Our weekly Friday Forecast is presented by the Gamblers Assistance Program, the Nebraska Council on Compulsive Gambling and Choices Treatment Center. If you or someone you love has a problem with gambling, call the state-wide help line at 1-800-522-4700.

NFL: New England (-4) vs. Philadelphia

BV: The Eagles have the strength in the trenches to do this, and the Patriots have Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Give me the latter. PICK: New England 27, Philadelphia 21

GS: I’m going with my heart and picking the Eagles. But also because they have a great defensive line to get after Brady. PICK: Philadelphia 28, New England 20

JP: I really don’t want the Patriots to win but they’re the smarter pick. I’ll just have to hope Nick Foles can somehow pull off a miracle. PICK: New England 28, Philadelphia 23

DP: I believe in Nick Foles. It’s irrational, but I believe. PICK: Philadelphia 27, New England 26

MBB: Indiana vs. No. 5 Michigan State

BV: The Hoosiers should fare a bit better than the last time against the Spartans (85-57), but this is still too big an ask for Indiana. PICK: Michigan State 84, Indiana 72

GS: Indiana just doesn’t have enough to beat Michigan State here. PICK: Michigan State 81, Indiana 76

JP: This time the Hoosiers get the Spartans in Assembly Hall, but they’re also getting them after facing Purdue and Ohio State back-to-back. Tough stretch for a short-handed Indiana team, who just doesn’t have the horses. PICK: Michigan State 85, Indiana 70

DP: Despite the distractions, Michigan State keeps finding ways to pull out wins. You would think that would end soon, but it won’t end here. PICK: Michigan State 84, Indiana 76

MBB: Texas vs. No. 12 Oklahoma

BV: Excited to watch some basketball in the Cotton Bowl. (That’s not happening? Shame.) Too much offense for Texas to handle here, much like those actual Cotton Bowl matchups. PICK: Oklahoma 90, Texas 77

GS: Upsets seem to happen in the football version of this game so why not here. Trae Young goes nuts but Texas wins. Hello Mo Bamba. PICK: Texas 81, Oklahoma 80

JP: I’m sure NBA draftniks will be tuning in for this one as Trae Young and the Sooners take on Mohamed Bamba and the Longhorns. It will be interesting to see how effective Young can be inside the arc with Bamba and his 7-foot-9 wingspan looming. PICK: Oklahoma 87, Texas 73

DP: OU has lost four straight road games and Christian James seems to be iffy for the Sooners. If he does play, I like Oklahoma. If he doesn’t play, Texas might have a real shot. PICK: Texas 81, Oklahoma 77

MBB: Virginia Tech vs. Miami

BV: Despite picking up a recent win against Boston College, the Hokies are trending the wrong way. PICK: Miami 72, Virginia Tech 64

GS: I think this one will be pretty close but overall Miami is the better team. There is also something about this Hokie team I just can’t trust. PICK: Miami 71, Virginia Tech 62

JP: Miami freshman Lonnie Walker is really starting to figure things out recently and is putting up some big numbers. This should be a fairly competitive game based on what both teams have done recently, but give me the ‘Canes. PICK: Miami 75, Virginia Tech 67

DP: How do you view the Bruce Bowen injury? Is it a blow to the Canes? Or is it a chance for Lonnie Walker to step into a bigger role? I’ll go with the latter, starting with this game. PICK: Miami 82, Virginia Tech 69

NBA: Cleveland vs. Houston

BV: Cleveland is 2-8 over its last 10. That ain’t changing here. PICK: Houston 112, Cleveland 102

GS: Cleveland’s “defense” vs James Harden and the Houston offense? This has blowout written all over it. PICK: Houston 130, Cleveland 115

JP: Cleveland still can’t play a lick of defense and Houston can still play a whole lot of offense. PICK: Houston 118, Cleveland 105

DP: When Cleveland gives up 130, do they blame it on Kevin Love? I need Vegas odds on that. PICK: Houston 128, Cleveland 112

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Problem gambling is not a bad habit or a moral weakness. It’s a serious condition. But with help, problem gamblers can put the game in perspective and make decisions to improve their lives.

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