Hot Reads: A New Year of Change
Photo Credit: Aaron Babcock

Hot Reads: A New Year of Change

January 02, 2017

If you somehow missed it, Nebraska basketball defeated Maryland Sunday afternoon 67-65. It was crazy, it was fun and it was an amazing way to kick off 2017 for Husker hoops (and all of Nebraska athletics, if we’re being honest).

At 2-0 in conference play, Nebraska now sits at the top of the Big Ten standings alongside Michigan State. Not bad, huh? Considering things looked bleak for the Huskers after losing to Gardner-Webb and Anton Gill was injured, this is definitely more than many could have hoped for heading into conference play.

Coach Tim Miles is still not tweeting and something tells me he may keep it that way for awhile. After the loss to Gardner-Webb, something clearly had to change. Two big wins later, Miles has found that spark to make his team go. If that means keeping a Twitter hiatus in place, so be it.

In the meantime, Nebraska basketball fans have something to look forward to. Iowa heads to Lincoln on Thursday, Jan. 5 to face the Huskers. The game tips off at 8pm on BTN and I expect Pinnacle Bank Arena to be packed.

Will there be more Gatorade baths come Thursday? Only time will tell. For now, this is a pretty good way to start the new year for Nebraska.

Change is Coming

Change is coming for Ohio State after the Buckeyes’ 31-0 loss to Clemson. At least that’s what coach Urban Meyer said post-game.

“Ohio State is not used to this,” Meyer said. “I’m not used to this, and we will not get used to this. That’s not going to happen again. So we’ll get things worked out.”

It doesn’t all fall on the Buckeyes either. After a season of debating just how strong the Big Ten is, the conference is now 2-5 in bowl games with Michigan, Nebraska, Indiana and Maryland all falling to its bowl opponents as well. There are three more on tap for the conference today — Iowa, Wisconsin and Penn State. There’s hope some victories will come out of that lineup but it’s hard to say after the post-season the Big Ten has had already.

As for Ohio State, Meyer isn’t OK with what happened to the Buckeyes against Clemson. He plans to make some changes going forward.

“Anytime you struggle a little bit, you always take a hard look,” Meyer said.

The Big Ten as a whole will likely follow suit in some ways. As for what that translates to, I guess we’ll know in a year when the post-season rolls around once again.

The Grab Bag

>> Speaking of Nebrasketball, Jacob Padilla had a great breakdown of the game on Hail Varsity Premium. Not many folks know basketball like he does, so it’s a good read.

>> We also have some of the more notable quotes from Sunday’s victory if you’re interested in that.

>> Former Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini spoke to the Richmond Times-Dispatch about Youngstown State’s national championship game and also Nebraska.

>> What’s next for Chip Kelly? Good question.

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