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April 28, 2017

Recent changes to NCAA rules, officially rubber stamped this week, have created a window for summer football camps, designed to rein in the satellite camp extravaganza of recent years. Coaches can still go and work camps at other schools throughout the country, but it’s now limited to a 10-day window in June and July.

Earlier this month Mike Riley told Sam McKewon of the Omaha World Herald that Nebraska would head out on the road to work some of those camps this summer, but with an interesting twist — Nebraska will look to partner with fellow Adidas schools throughout the country.

The Huskers have already been listed on two such camp fliers. On June 4, Nebraska staff members will take part in two camps at Texas A&M alongside coaches from Arizona State, Kansas, Louisiana Tech, Mississippi State, Texas-San Antonio and Tulsa. (All Adidas schools.)

That same group of schools will be in Lawrence, Kansas, July 22 for a junior college camp at KU.

It’s sort of a unique idea, linking schools based on their equipment supplier, but if there’s a time to try it that time is probably now. Adidas remains red hot at the moment, so maybe there’s a little extra clout that comes with that. As college football recruiting continues to look more and more like college basketball recruiting — which is already heavily influenced by the shoe companies — it’s possible this practice could become more common.

There’s a debate to be had on if that’s a good development or not, but it will certainly give Nebraska a pop-up home for a day in some valuable recruiting territories like Texas and, yes, Kansas thanks to that state’s robust junior college league. Just connect the dots, or stripes in this case, and you have a pretty extensive network of potential camp sites. Mississippi State could get schools into the southeast (though Starkville isn’t exactly easy to get to). So could any of the three Louisiana schools (Lafayette, Monroe, Tech). Miami is an Adidas school now. UCLA flipped to UnderArmour, so that great California link maybe isn’t there right now, but Adidas does sponsor UC-Davis which plays FCS football.

It feels like a pretty smart way to organize things. We’ll see how it plays out.

Dr. Route

This video featuring wide receivers coach Keith Williams sort of dropped without much context, other than that it’s part of a series from Ben Coleman at It’s worth look (and also includes some great San Diego State highlights from back in the day.)

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