Hot Reads: The Make-A-Bowl Range
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Hot Reads: College Football Playoff Expansion

January 05, 2017

Let’s pretend for a moment that the College Football Playoff was massive. In fact, let’s give all 128 FBS teams a shot at making it to the final game. That could be interesting, right? Well, the fine folks over at BCF Toys created a fun infographic that shows how Alabama and Clemson would reach that final game from a pool of all 128 teams.

It’s a bit mesmerizing to look at and also a bit nostalgic. As you filter through, you’ll remember that Ohio State and Oklahoma did play back in September and the Buckeyes won 45-24. To get to that matchup according to the infographic, Ohio State had to beat Wisconsin and Oklahoma had to beat Oklahoma State. From there, the Buckeyes would win, face Clemson and ultimately be eliminated.

As for Nebraska, the Huskers don’t make it too far in the group. While Nebraska gets the nod over Fresno State (which the Huskers won 43-10), the next matchup would be Iowa and that’s where things end. For what it’s worth, the Hawkeyes then get knocked out by Florida (which is a matchup that just took place in the Outback Bowl where Iowa lost 30-3).

The whole infographic is interesting because of the connections it’s able to make throughout all 128 FBS teams. You keep thinking there can’t possibly be a scenario where all these schools are connected enough to get Clemson and Alabama to the title game, but there is. That’s pretty amazing.

As for College Football Playoff expansion itself, that’s really a completely different topic. CBS Sports did ask 40 playoff participants for their thoughts though. Long story short? Most are fine with the playoff system as it is now but about 40 percent would be open to a change of some sort. Those changes were limited to the return to two teams and the growth to six and eight teams.

Too bad no one asked about an 128 team playoff possibility though. That would have certainly received a few interesting replies.

The Financial Woes of College Football

Bloomberg is doing a weeklong feature on the state of finances surrounding college football and it’s worth bookmarking. The first piece looked specifically at the impact of dwindling attendance numbers and how it will eventually affect donations and more down the line.

As for the second piece, it tackles the debt that many top college football teams now face. What’s wild is that the University of California, Berkeley is nearly $445 million dollars in debt. Joining Cal in the top ten of significant debt are Texas A&M, Washington, Illinois, Georgia Tech, Texas, Oregon, Michigan, Minnesota¬† and LSU.

About those three Big Ten teams in debt? Needless to say that there is going to be a lot of pressure on that media deal to generate some major revenue. Per Bloomberg:

In the Big Ten, also flush from a rich media deal, the University of Illinois owes more than $260 million. If that revenue stream fails to grow or starts to drop, as it already has for some programs in the top tier of college football, the results could be crippling.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out in time.

The Grab Bag

>> SB Nation shared the 2016 Nebraska advanced statistical profile. If you have a little of time to look through it, it’s pretty interesting. Worth noting? Nebraska’s four losses were to the best teams it played, so at least there’s that.

>> Want to attend the college football national championship game? It’ll run you about $3,300 right now and that’s per ticket.

>> Look out, college football world. Chip Kelly might be coming back.

>> The YSU Penguins are off to the championship game and they received a big ol’ sendoff.

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