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Hot Reads: Down to the River with Scott Frost

June 15, 2018

Want to go down to the river with Scott Frost? The Colorado River, that is. At the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

ESPN's Marty Smith and his television crew made that 24-mile roundtrip trek in May for a segment that debuted Thursday on Marty Smith's America.

There are a few intriguing things about that piece. Chris Schmidt and I discussed a few of them on Hail Varsity Radio yesterday.

One of the things I mentioned in that clip was an interest in seeing what inspires the people charged with inspiring young men on a daily basis. For Frost it's pushing limits. In addition to the grueling hike he mentions swimming with sharks in South Africa and mountain climbing in New Hampshire alongside Eric Kapitulik, founder and CEO of The Program. Frost also once ran with the bulls in Spain. So if you're looking for a pull quote from last night's story, it's probably this one.

"It's special, the type of people I want to be around that are willing to push themselves to the point of being uncomfortable and then push themselves some more," Frost said during the hike. "That's what we ask our players to do on a daily basis."

The other interesting thing here had nothing to do with the journey itself, rather the company Frost was keeping on the program. The show also featured segments on Nick Saban, Jimbo Fisher and Jim Harbaugh. Based on history and tradition, Nebraska's head coach should be alongside notable names at places like Alabama, Texas A&M and Michigan.

But how often would it have been in recent years? Frost and the Huskers still have a long climb ahead, but it's becoming more clear that some things have already changed.

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