Hot Reads: A Monday of Madness
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Hot Reads: Plan B Is That Plan A Will Work

April 18, 2018

Say this for Scott Frost: He's consistent with his messaging. At least that was one of my main takeaways from Bruce Feldman's what's-happening-at-Nebraska drop-in for Sports Illustrated

Frost mentioned his track record with quarterbacks. He talked about roster size. He mentioned periods of success for Frank Solich and Bo Pelini. He brought up previous failures in leadership. He discarded the prevalent recruiting limitations everyone assumes Nebraska has. He again talked of combining Oregon speed with Husker Power.

These are all things that should be familiar to those who have been hanging on Frost's every word since December. Of course it's not Feldman's job to write for those people, he's there for the big-picture view. And maybe it's that new frame around a photo I've been looking at daily for five months that made me perceive it slightly differently than I had before. 

Hearing again why Nebraska football fell on hard times and how those hard times are going to end drove home the following for me: There is a plan in place. There is no plan B.

And there shouldn't be right now. If there was a plan B, or even some waffling on "the plan," maybe the plan could be stronger. Nebraska's staff probably will be capable of adapting, but there's nothing to adapt to at this point. Much of what that group thought would work at UCF did work. Much what it thinks will work at Nebraska has . . . just started. But the conviction really comes through in a new way in Feldman's story.

As Frost put it to Feldman, the same thing that happened at UCF will happen in Lincoln.

“We’ll be a little better this year than they were last year, but it takes some time for the kids to really understand the scheme, and the systems and the details that make it work. We need a couple of years of training in the weight room and a couple of years of getting the culture established. Year two is when it’s gonna take off around here—and taking off doesn’t mean we’re gonna go undefeated, but we’ll be a really good team in two years.”

I don't recall Frost putting that precise time line out there, at least not with this much force, but no fear of failure, right? The other eye-catching quotes came mostly from the players. Defensive lineman Khalil Davis called last season "miserable." Wide receiver Stanley Morgan Jr. says Frost is the "smoothest cat I ever met in my life."

"It’s not fake," Morgan told Feldman. "I come to practice and see it every day. He comes into the building with a walk, with a cockiness. I notice that he always has his hat turned to the side. He’s confident.”

Feldman's story is really about that – the confidence. Nebraska fans may have already know about it, but a lot more people learned of it on Tuesday.

The Kid Stan Stays in the Picture

Paul Bellinger
The cover of the April issue of Hail Varsity

Speaking of smooth cats, Morgan more than holds his own in any such conversation. Exhibit A: Everything Morgan does on a football field.

Exhibit B: The cover of the April issue of Hail Varsity.

We've been waiting anxiously for just the right time to use that photo of Morgan, shot by Paul Bellinger, and that time has arrived. There will be plenty more in the issue to accompany a cover story, by Derek Peterson, that you don't want to miss.

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