Hot Reads: Required Viewing
Photo Credit: Aaron Babcock

Hot Reads: Required Viewing

April 03, 2018

If you're a Husker fan on the internet, prepare to watch many videos. Not right now, but in the months and years ahead

At this moment, you can just start with this one, which premiered Monday on the Huskers' various social media platforms.

It's always good when you see something titled Episode I. Makes you feel pretty good that you'll get an Episode II eventually, and, based on how this staff used videos like this at UCF, you definitely will get those future episodes.

Just for comparison, here's UCF's video from the first week of spring ball in 2017:

But the better look might be the very beginning of these type of videos:

There's some good stuff in that "Rise and Conquer" episode, the first with this staff at UCF. There's some good stuff in many of them. Remember that when summer rolls around, and we hit a football lull.

This may sound overwrought, but there's a whole Scott Frost football canon to explore. Load up a YouTube playlist and have fun.

Take the Summer Back

Jim Delany hopped on BTN prior to last night's championship game in San Antonio to discuss, what else, the cloudy future of college basketball.

It's pretty interesting thanks to its brevity. Delany's two big bullet points there: we (college administrators) need to get our arms around the wild, wild west that currently is the summer basketball circuit. And the NBA needs to get a handle on agents (i.e. "their jurisdiction). Oh, and an immediate path to professionalism would be nice.

I'm generally in Delany'a corner on most things. He's made some mistakes––hello, Big Ten tournament in NYC––but in general I think he's pretty astute.

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