Hot Reads: Teams May Have to Wait Until Next Year for 10th Assistant
Photo Credit: Aaron Babcock

Hot Reads: Teams May Have to Wait Until Next Year for 10th Assistant

February 15, 2017

Back in January the NCAA’s Football Oversight Committee rubber stamped a proposal forwarded by the American Football Coaches Association to add a 10th assistant to FBS staffs. There seemed to be no major opposition to the idea and the Division I Council was expected to vote in favor of the proposal at some point in April.

The Council is still expected to vote to add that 10th coach, but amended the proposal on Tuesday to push back the effective date to January of 2018.

The reason? Logistics:

There are many concerns with the timing of the current immediate effective date. An April effective date is in the middle of the budget year for the membership and is late in the hiring period for a football staff. If the effective date is amended to occur to the conclusion of the 2017 football season, member institutions will have the opportunity to budget for the addition of a full-time countable coach and associated costs related to recruiting. In addition, a delayed effective date will better fit the hiring timeline for a football staff and will not require readjustments following the spring practice period.

This makes a lot of sense. I was already mentally preparing myself for the insanity of April, when all of the sudden 128 teams were looking for an additional assistant coach. It seemed like some schools were already lining up the guys they wanted specifically to avoid the feeding frenzy.

But I hadn’t considered the money implications here. There’s that coach’s salary, sure, but as the council noted having another coach on the road recruiting also requires budget considerations on that end.

I guess it will be a little strange to insert 128 “new guys” into the recruiting stream during the critical month of January, but the coaching ranks already experience a lot of change during that period and it’s probably still preferable to have the extra preparation time.

I don’t say this often, but good punt, NCAA.

A Big B1G Win

Prior to last night, Nebraska had won four Big Ten games, none of them by double digits. That changed on Tuesday as the Huskers rolled past Penn State 82-66 in Lincoln.

Jacob Padilla provides your game story and game notes (Premium), Erin Sorensen rounds up the most memorable quotes from the night and Aaron Babcock has your game photos.

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