Hot Reads: Would You Let your Neighbors Build a Stadium House?
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Hot Reads: Would You Let your Neighbors Build a Stadium House?

March 28, 2017

How much do you love the Huskers? Enough that you have honestly thought to yourself, “man, if I could just live at Memorial Stadium I would.” Enough that you’d consider building a home that looked like a replica of Memorial Stadium?

In my opinion, the latter actually seems crazier than the former. Living at Memorial Stadium is impossible, a pipe dream, so anyone can say, “yeah, I’d do it.” Living in a home made to look like Memorial Staidum, however, is possible if you’re motivated. You would have to love the Huskers enough to go through all of the steps necessary to get a home built that didn’t look quite like any other.

But here’s the real question of how deep your fandom rums: Would you let your neighbor build a house that looked like Memorial Stadium?

That’s a battle that recently went down in Iowa City, where a family currently building a house modeled after Kinnick Stadium was given the okay to proceed. A neighborhood association sued the city to have the building permit revoked, fearing that the scene on game days outside a house that looks like Kinnick Stadium might look too much like the scene on game days outside the actual Kinnick Stadium. A district judge upheld a city board ruling that there were no grounds to revoke the building permit and dismissed the case.

You can see a rendering of the 7,500-square-foot home at The Gazette, but if you’re familiar with Kinnick you’ll probably note the resemblance. The house features a brick exterior and the arched tunnel entries just like the stadium. It also features a second story on one side of the home meant to resemble the Iowa press box. I’m no expert in Iowa stadium features, but I look at the rendering and say, “yeah, I see it.” I might even go so far as to call it a tasteful homage to the original. (I can only assume that one of the bathrooms will be pink.)

The neighborhood association, of course, was not happy with the decision but reportedly will not appeal. From the Iowa City Press-Citizen:

Karin Southard, an organizing member of the neighborhood association, said she was disappointed with the dismissal and pointed to comments made by Board of Adjustment Chairman Larry Baker during the board’s ruling in September.

“The city is admitting that it has no power to stop this structure at this site, nor any power to prevent any worse … abominations in any other residential zones in Iowa City,” Baker said during that meeting. “If the city’s decision is upheld, not one single neighborhood in this community is safe from such development.”

Ahhh, yes, the slippery slope argument. You let a Kinnick Stadium go up today, what’s next? A Jack Trice Stadium across the street? Where will it end?!

I understand it’s not for everybody, but if there were a community that was only houses modeled after current or former college football stadiums, I would move there immediately. You probably wouldn’t even need addresses.

Doorbell rings and it’s a road-weary motorist. “Yes, can you help me? I’m looking for the Smith residence.”

“Oh, sure. This is the Big Ten block, but you’re not far off. The Smith’s live at Doak Campbell. You’ll go down until you see Neyland Stadium, take a right, go past Sanford and Vaught-Hemingway and you can’t miss it. First house you’ll see on the ACC block. There’s a sod cemetery in the front yard.”

If you’d like to live in my college football community, email today. Plots are going fast.

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