Huskers DT Darrion Daniels Highlights Oct. 2019 Issue of Hail Varsity
Photo Credit: John S. Peterson

Huskers DT Darrion Daniels Highlights Oct. 2019 Issue of Hail Varsity

October 16, 2019

Editor’s Note: Great news if you’re a Hail Varsity subscriber: The October issue, a very good issue in my opinion, is on its way to you now.

The not-great news: It includes an error.

Specifically, my error. I made the initial mistake and then we missed correcting it despite multiple opportunities to do so.

On the cover of the October issue, we misidentified Darrion Daniels as his brother, Damion. We got it right on the interior and Derek Peterson’s story on the brothers and their bond, which led Darrion to Nebraska for his final season, remains a great read. 

That’s it in terms of an explanation because any more would just verge into excuse territory. It’s not the standard we hold ourselves to, it’s not the standard I hope readers have come to expect from us and all we can do is apologize at this point.

We have already made that apology to Darrion, and, not surprisingly based on his time at Nebraska, he was more gracious than was reasonable to expect.

To say we regret the error is accurate, but hardly describes it.

The story is still great, the issue is still great, there was just a mistake in the worst place to make one.

Sorry about that,

Brandon Vogel

Managing Editor, Hail Varsity

Somehow we have already arrived at the midpoint of the college football season. (A little past it, technically, for Nebraska based on games played.) It always goes more quickly than you think.

And never exactly like you think.

All four of the Huskers' Big Ten games to this point are covered in our October issue, which ships this week. The issue also includes volleyball and recruiting breakdowns from Jacob Padilla and Greg Smith.

But let's get to the features.

John S. Peterson
The Vol. 8 Iss. 8 cover of Hail Varsity

As has happened often over the past two years since joining the team, staff writer Derek Peterson saw a story that intrigued him and went after it. Our cover story in this issue offers a deeper level of detail on Darrion Daniels' decision to play his final season at Nebraska. That's meant a lot to the Huskers' program––both on the field and off––but also to Darrion's brother, sophomore defensive tackle Damion. You could say that Darrion owed his younger brother one, but for more on that you'll have to check out the magazine.

Mike Babcock and I also set out to commemorate the twin 150-year anniversaries of the University of Nebraska and college football by whittling down the 1,332 games the Huskers have played since 1890 to the best 150. Did we get there? We got to 150, though the "best" part will surely be up for debate, as it should be.

With this much football already in the rearview, that must mean basketball can't be far behind. That's where we'll turn next for the November issue as we take a close look at what could be in store for the Huskers on the hardwood.

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