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Huskers Prep for Loud, Rowdy Crowd in Madison

October 27, 2016

The Nebraska offense knows what it’s up against at Camp Randall. That’s why they’re playing ‘Jump Around’ and piping in artificial crowd noise during practice.

“We’re going to be well prepared for that,” offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf said. “We started that from day one making sure that we’re ready. We expect a pretty rowdy crowd in Wisconsin.”

Wide receiver Jordan Westerkamp remembers Camp Randall from Nebraska’s trip to Madison in 2014. While he wasn’t sure it was the loudest stadium he’d ever played in, he gave a lot of credit to Wisconsin fans.

“Penn State was pretty crazy but they get after it in Wisconsin,” Westerkamp said. “It’s always fun to go up there and it’s cool to see that kind of environment and play at Camp Randall.”

Since facing Wisconsin on the road in 2014, Westerkamp isn’t sure any other environment topped it.

“Miami was kind of tough,” Westerkamp said. “They have a rowdy fan base. I think Wisconsin was up there. It’s definitely up there.”

One thing the team is looking forward to is the forecast. Two years ago? Snow. For Westerkamp, that is thankfully not in the forecast for Saturday.

“I was just talking with my brother about that last night, asking, ‘What’s the forecast going to be?’” Westerkamp said. “I remember it snowed. Those were bad memories and I don’t want to think about that.”

More news and notes from Wednesday’s practice:

>> Westerkamp returned to practice this week with a custom backplate. He will wear it to help protect his back, as he confirmed that he had small fractures in his vertebrae and contusions in the muscles around that area of his back. Aside from that, he said he’s feeling good.

“It’s been awesome to get back out here finally,” Westerkamp said. “Watching is not fun but it’s been awesome to get back out here and catch the ball with Tommy and get back in the swing of things.”

>> Offensive tackles David Knevel  and Nick Gates both practiced Wednesday. Both said they’re feeling fine.

“It’s funny because Gates and I are in the training room throughout the day and we joke around,” Knevel said. “It’s not like the injuries are really on our minds. Right now we’re really focused on preparing for the game and what we can do to beat Wisconsin. The injury thing really isn’t bothering us. We’re just trying to move on.”

Did the tweets that Gates received after Purdue saying he shouldn’t have played bother him, though?

“A little bit but it’s whatever,” Gates said. “It matters what’s inside the building here and what the coaches think of you. The fans see two or three plays and think, ‘Oh, he shouldn’t be playing’ or ‘they should do this.’”

>> Wisconsin runs a 3-4 defense, which is something Langsdorf is prepping the Nebraska offense for.

“Being a 3-4 team, you’re going to have to move the inside and create some holes and then hold off the ends and you’re to have to deal with one of four different guys coming to rush each time,” Langsdorf said “We’re going to have to be on our toes with all the different looks they’ll give us.”

>> The Huskers are not planning on any mistakes from the Badgers. They expect them to be a sound team from start to finish.

“They have really good hands on run and pass,” Knevel said. “They stick to their gaps well and their assignments well. They’re not going to make any mistakes so we have to make sure we don’t make any mistakes.”

>> Wide receiver Alonzo Moore said he’s been able to make the big plays and catches this year because he trusts quarterback Tommy Armstrong Jr.

“I’d also say that we have a good friendship but on the field, it’s trust,” Moore said. “We trust each other just like we trust every receiver. If you’re open, he’s going to throw it to you.”

Another reason for the big catches? It might have something to do with Moore’s catching philosophy.

“If you can get two hands on it or one hand on it, you can catch it because you’ve got your hand on it,” Moore said.”

>> A group of players rode off the field in one of the Huskers’ new golf carts following practice. They packed it full too, which made for quite the sight.

Kvevel joked that of all the guys on the cart, he should have at least been allowed a ride. I-back Terrell Newby agreed.

“I didn’t get invited,” Newby said. “Looked a little full, too.”

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