Les Miles Looking for Opportunity to Coach Again
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Les Miles Looking for Opportunity to Coach Again

April 01, 2017

When Les Miles joined his son Ben on a recruiting visit to Nebraska, they both knew it was right.

“Ben has been the most independent man I’ve ever been around,” Miles said. “I think he’s made tremendous decisions by himself. I went with him (to visit Lincoln) and he said, ‘Dad, I like Nebraska’ and I said, ‘Me too.’ I really just didn’t have to get much further than that.”

Back in Nebraska to speak at the Huskers’ coaching clinic for in-state football coaches, Miles met with the media Friday night to talk a little bit about everything. That included his time at Colorado, the recruitment of his son and his thoughts on Coach Mike Riley. He even touched on his future coaching aspirations.

“I want to coach football,” Miles said. “That’s pretty simple. I want an opportunity at a place that can win and a place where they really want to invest in the players. If they do that, I’m good.”

Nothing panned out for Miles in the offseason, but he has been approached by several prospects. Going forward, he knows he has more to offer a team than he has in the past.

“I’m probably a better coach today than I was when I left LSU,” Miles said. “And I was certainly a better coach in my last years at LSU than I was in my first years.”

While Miles continues to look for the next opportunity, he knows he’d like to spend some time at Memorial Stadium in 2017. With Ben a soon-to-be fullback for the Huskers, Miles wouldn’t miss the opportunity to see his son begin his collegiate career.

As for Miles’ personal experience at Memorial Stadium, he’s familiar. He coached the offensive line for Colorado from 1982 through 1986, which brought back many memories for Miles.

“I opened the talk about a story about a lady that basically welcomed me to [Memorial Stadium] as I was walking underneath the bleachers on the way to the field,” Miles said. “She said, ‘Young fella, good luck today.’ And I went, ‘These people are just unbelievably nice.’ They were nice but the Cornhuskers were not [on the field].”

He laughed about “lopsided scores” that went in the Huskers’ favor, but said he was ultimately happy to have those opportunities at Memorial Stadium. As for his relationship with Riley, Miles wasn’t personally familiar with Nebraska’s head coach before Ben’s recruitment but he had heard nothing but good things.

“I knew of him and everything I knew of him and heard about was that he was a special person and a person your son would enjoy playing for and with and that made a tremendous difference,” Miles said. “All of the people that I know that know Mike give him a good rating.”

While Miles’ future is uncertain as a coach, he’s ready for whatever comes his way. Until then, he knows his son is in good hands at Nebraska and will likely be back to visit sooner rather than later.

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